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Taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Foton Lovol heavy industry launched the Southeast Asian market

taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Foton Lovol heavy industry launched the Southeast Asian market

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recently, Foton Lovol heavy industry held a loader product promotion conference in Surat Province, Thailand, which was attended by more than 100 dealers and end users from all over Thailand, Foton Lovol heavy industries kicked off its experiential marketing activities in the Southeast Asian market in 2015

it is understood that this promotion meeting opened with a video of Lovol transformers and China's first loader hip-hop dance, which attracted the attention of many viewers. Its lightweight dance fully demonstrated the excellent performance of Lovol loader in light operation, which surprised the audience and surprised the excellent performance of Lovol loader

the Lovol loader 5-ton series super long arm and big bucket product model introduced at the exhibition has a 5.7-meter hinge pin height, which is the highest unloading height in the world at present, which is an eye opener for on-site customers. According to the high temperature and rainy working environment in Thailand, the loaders presented in this promotion and exhibition have made differentiated improvements such as installing waterproof connectors for electrical appliances, increasing the capacity of water tanks, improving the configuration of air conditioners, and monitoring before installation, which fully meet the needs of the Thai market and are favored by customers. At the same time, in order to allow customers to fully experience the superior performance of Foton Lovol heavy industry products, on-site customers can personally take a test ride of the tension machine in the current market. Some screw rods are T-shaped ordinary screw rods for test drive. Lovol loader products improve the accurate measurement range and comfortable operation performance of the range by virtue of reliable product performance and 360 degree perspective cab from two aspects of mechanical principle and program software, Let all on-site customers more recognize the products of Foton Lovol heavy industry, and order more than 100 machines on the day of the event

one of the largest rubber factory customers in Thailand said: "I have more than a dozen branches in Thailand, and the equipment used to be all European and American brands. Last year, I bought two Lovol loaders in the spirit of trying. Up to now, I have worked for more than 2000 hours without any failure. In addition, Lovol agents also provide delivery training, and I am very satisfied with the experimental data released after the fatigue test machine produced by sandosta high tech. today, I ordered another 20 loaders, He has become a die hard fan of Foton Lovol heavy industry. "

according to the relevant leaders of Foton Lovol heavy industry, since its products entered the Southeast Asian market in 2004, Foton Lovol heavy industry has always put customer needs first. Every year, it sends business and service teams to carry out family visits to old customers in relevant countries in Southeast Asia to understand customer needs, help dealers improve product maintenance skills, and assist dealers in organizing various experiential marketing activities, Brand awareness and market share of products have been rising

in the context of the "the Belt and Road" development strategy advocated by the state, a number of key cooperation projects between China and relevant countries along the route have been carried out in the fields of infrastructure, industrial investment, resource development and so on. Foton Lovol heavy industries will take this promotion meeting as an opportunity to take advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategy to focus on the Southeast Asian market and continue to promote experiential marketing. In the follow-up, it will carry out different forms of customer experience activities in the Southeast Asian market, provide customers with the most reliable products, accelerate the infrastructure construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road" and promote the economic development of all countries

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