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Take the lead after the plastic limit order! Dongguan packaging enterprise orders soared release date: Source: I Dongguan

with the implementation of the domestic "plastic limit order", the concept of environmental protection has ushered in a development opportunity for Huilin packaging. As one of the largest enterprises in the production of pulp molded products in China, the company's food packaging business has developed rapidly this year, and the orders for degradable products have increased significantly. The company is speeding up the construction of the new factory, and it is expected that the new factory in Dongguan will be put into operation by March next year

entering the production workshop of Dongguan Huilin Packaging Co., Ltd., the pulp on its automatic production line flips, and soon the pulp can be formed automatically in the machine. In the laboratory, R & D personnel developed and tested products in the laboratory in the morning, and in the afternoon, they became front-line employees of the production line and went to the front-line workshop to follow up production

"we mainly promote food grade lunch boxes and daily necessities paper holders, especially cosmetics paper holders..." Qiu Shenfei, general manager of the company, introduced that the automatic production equipment is equivalent to the workload of eight skilled workers in the past, and the new factory of Huilin packaging will adopt automatic production in the future

paper holder products have great market potential.

Huilin packaging was established and rooted in Dongguan in 1996. After 24 years of professional operation and research. 1. Before the pressure testing machine is used, it must be checked and developed. Now it has a variety of products, such as environmentally friendly paper holders, precision die-cutting, compostable degradation + new plant fiber materials

with the implementation of the domestic "plastic restriction order", the advantages of traditional plastic packaging products in the market are gradually reduced, and paper support products are favored by the packaging market

according to the introduction, the paper holder, also known as pulp molding, is an environmentally friendly paper product with different types and uses, which takes the leftover materials of cartons, paper, sugarcane pulp, corn stalk, pure wood pulp, etc. as raw materials, after pulping and blending into a certain proportion of the concentration of pulp, and then on the customized NC mold according to the product design, after vacuum adsorption molding, and then drying

Huilin packaged products are currently mostly used in the inner packaging of digital products, cosmetics and food. At the same time, Huilin packaging also develops disposable medical products. "In the past, plastic inner holders were used for packaging, paper holders were degradable materials, and medical products were also degradable materials using corn starch." Qiu Shenfei introduced

the market potential of paper holder products is huge. Qiu Shenfei said that the current "plastic limit order" has a great impact on the takeout market, so it is urgent to replace it with environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes. At present, the food grade lunch boxes produced by Huilin packaging use pure natural food grade sugarcane pulp as raw materials and modified starch as additives, which can be directly degraded, environmental protection and safety. At the same time, the lunch box can be high-performance waterproof, oil proof, paper powder and paper scraps, and can also be cooked at high temperature and refrigerated at low temperature, which is convenient to use. "For example, self heating hot pot and self heating Ramen can be directly used in paper lunch boxes, or can be put in the microwave oven." Qiu Shenfei introduced

1 is the new factory of hardness test, which is planned to be put into operation in March next year.

under the trend of green packaging, degradable new environmental protection materials will be the trend in the future. This also provides new opportunities for the development of Huilin packaging

with the promotion of the concept of environmental protection, orders are pouring in at home and abroad. At present, the company is paying close attention to the construction of the new factory. It is expected that the new factory in Dongguan will be put into operation in March next year. This year, Huilin packaging has planned more than 40000 square meters, with a total of four food packaging production workshops

"customers want our output value to reach 500million, but now there are many market orders, and we even have a situation of supply exceeding demand. When the new factory is built and put into operation, our production capacity will be greatly improved." Qiu Shenfei said that the market prospect of degradable products is broad. After the workshop is put into operation, the production scale of the company will be expanded, which is conducive to cultivating new growth points. Huilin packaging will strive to promote new materials for food packaging products


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