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By taking advantage of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Dongfeng Building coating industry has risen rapidly against the trend

by taking advantage of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Dongfeng Building coating industry has risen rapidly against the trend

March 09, 2009

[China coating information] the building coating industry has risen rapidly against the trend in the countdown to the WorldExpo. Since 2008, due to the continuous rise in the prices of raw materials and energy and the increase in human resource costs, the profit space of building coating production enterprises has been severely squeezed and the capital turnover has been difficult. On the other hand, the phenomenon of product homogenization is serious, which also restricts the progress of the whole industry to a certain extent. How to "survive the winter" has become a problem that the whole industry has to face. However, winter is a dormant season, and new vitality can be ready

as the World Expo enters the 490 day countdown period, the existing buildings on both sides of tens of millions of square meters of viaducts and bridges in Shanghai and the main landscape roads in Shanghai will be painted, renovated and reconstructed, which will provide a strong and stable market demand for the construction coating industry in Shanghai - "money" is optimistic. Shao Wei, Secretary General of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, who is close to 1/3 of the total area of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, said that under the background of the global economic recession, the real estate and construction industry in the upstream industry of architectural coatings have been hit hard. In order to expand domestic demand, the central government has issued 10 measures to ensure growth, and the implementation of these 10 measures will drive 4trillion yuan of investment. By 2010, the huge infrastructure investment will bring good news to the relevant cyclical industries, and the construction and building materials industries will benefit first. The leading enterprises in the relevant industries are expected to share in the Baoda cake. At present, the World Expo has entered the 490 day countdown period. In the next two years, Shanghai's architectural coating market will regain its upward momentum and be optimistic about "money"

according to the statistics of Shanghai Planning Bureau, Shanghai has 700million square meters of existing buildings, more than 5000 high-rise buildings, and more than 3000 buildings above 18 floors. In 2008, 7million square meters will be comprehensively renovated. In 2009, we will continue to strengthen the implementation of energy-saving transformation of existing office buildings, public buildings, commercial and residential buildings, as well as the renovation of the outer walls of high-rise buildings. At the same time, the concrete protective coating of Shanghai urban viaduct is also a large market, with 1.2 million square meters of North-South viaduct, 400000 square meters of Yan'an Road viaduct, 200000 square meters of Humin viaduct, etc. In addition, Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge, the buildings on both sides of the main landscape roads in Shanghai, including affordable housing, the main roads of the inner and outer ring roads, and the use of buildings of at least tens of millions of square meters in the architectural coating industry

five construction coating enterprises with sales of more than 10000 tons in Shanghai last year accounted for 77% of the market share, of which three foreign-funded enterprises accounted for, including: minimum load detection of bolts; Recheck the pretension of torsional shear high-strength bolt connection pair; Torque detection of high-strength bolt connection pair; Recheck the torque coefficient of high-strength large 6-point bolt connecting pair; The anti sliding coefficient test market share of high-strength bolt connection friction surface is 68.5%, and the two state-owned and private enterprises account for 8.5% of the market share, which shows that the brand effect is very obvious. Shanghai architectural coatings has maintained a certain growth every year, and the market supply and demand is in a relatively stable and reasonable period. However, the market competition is very fierce. Foreign multinational companies with advanced technology and strong strength have entered Shanghai, such as Nippon nippon, ICI in the UK and Aksu in the Netherlands? Nobel, American PPG, French makaron, etc. In the process of competition, the basic form of market share pattern of Shanghai architectural coatings is that large, medium and small enterprises win corresponding shares, showing a pattern of complementary, coordinated and common development

from the market pattern, we can see that the brand effect is becoming more and more important, the advantages of foreign famous brands are obvious, and the domestic famous brand products Zhongnan paint, Huili paint and so on actively respond, not to be outdone. According to the analysis of this professional, after years of development, Shanghai architectural coatings has made great progress in product structure, technical level, production capacity, promotion and application, and the overall level has reached the international advanced level in the late 1990s. Shanghai can basically meet the needs of Shanghai Urban Construction in terms of the variety, quantity, quality and function of architectural coatings

according to the preliminary statistics, the top five rankings of the production and sales of building interior wall coatings are: Nippon, ICI, Zhongnan, Huili and Fuchen; The top five rankings of the production and sales of exterior wall coatings are: ICI, shendeo, Nippon, Huili and Bauhinia. He pointed out that the market share was unevenly distributed, with 10 enterprises with annual sales of more than 5000 tons accounting for 90%, and the other 170 medium and small enterprises accounting for only 10%. The expert has his own opinion on this: Honda, a small and medium-sized enterprise, has just launched a new version of ridgeline truck, and the equipment has been idle for a relatively long time. It is eager to receive a large number of orders to reduce the production cost. Basically, it can't take into account the water and electricity cost of producing a ton of paint, let alone the environmental protection cost of establishing sewage treatment facilities. However, large paint production enterprises with foreign capital background "look down on domestic small and medium-sized enterprises". They believe that the production process of small and medium-sized enterprises can be monitored once or twice. In the long run, it is better to build a factory simply by yourself. Therefore, large enterprises are not willing to integrate small enterprises. There are 400 coating enterprises in Shanghai with compressed space, and 120 ~ 150 may be more suitable

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