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Goddess festival brings national treasures home, and Midea lighting cross-border joint table lamps illuminate health for you. March 8th goddess Festival is a festival full of spring feelings. In order to preserve beauty, both cute girls and royal goddesses will use 18 kinds of martial arts to call their own festivals in dry conditions: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃ and 2 hours. Male compatriots who love goddesses turn on the buy buy mode and write a long list of gifts


jewelry, cosmetics, electronic technology products, snacks and beverages... In the face of a wide range of choices, how can you give yourself or the goddess the most intimate gift on Goddess' day

the best love for the goddess on the goddess' day must certainly conform to her wishes. The goddesses who are usually busy working and cooking with their babies sometimes have to work overtime and stay up late. They use their eyes too much and their glasses are getting higher and higher. In the March 8th goddess Festival, prepare an eye protection lamp from the United States lighting joint national treasure series for the Goddess - depicting deidenko, which is definitely the best choice to buy or give away on this goddess Festival

the romance of the ancients illuminates today's goddess

this table lamp is a national treasure created by Midea lighting together with the popular variety national treasure. Do you still remember the national tide storm that set off across the country when "national treasure" was popular? The exquisite and priceless national treasures displayed in the program are amazing! In order to let everyone take the "national treasure" home, Midea lighting integrates Guochao into the aesthetics of life, and jointly launched a series of Changxin palace lanterns with "national treasure", which quickly became a hot national good thing in Guochao life circle

this type of desk lamp depicting dedenko is especially important for planting grass on the March 8th goddess Festival. Just listen to the name, it's romantic, don't want it. First of all, the technological structure and shape of the desk lamp described by deidenko not only conform to modern ergonomics, but also have national aesthetics. The Dengke pattern on it implies beauty. The high-quality painting process creates a very delicate lacquer texture, elegant and fashionable. If it is placed in the study or bedroom, the style of the whole space can be raised all at once, setting off the goddess style incisively and vividly

the light of technology and national treasures reflect each other remotely

not to mention, the beautiful depiction of dedenko desk lamp is by no means a "vase beauty", its most amazing place is from the full scientific and technological core. Dedenko, which focuses on eye care function, has achieved the ultimate in these five dimensions:

related color temperature

in the national standard gb/t "performance requirements for reading and writing desk lamps", the related color temperature should be about 4000K (3985 ± 275k), the moderate color temperature, the better the softness, and more suitable for reading needs. Meidi diaodenko desk lamp adopts 4000K warm white light line, which meets the requirements of authoritative certification for the color temperature of reading desk lamp. It is close to natural light, and it is not easy to feel tired after long-time use. Goddess reading, office, makeup will not feel dry eyes because of long-term exposure

illumination (uniformity)

in the national standard requirements, reading and writing desk lamps are classified into Grade A and AA according to degree. Midea teddenko desk lamp has passed the national AA illumination certification. The light brightness is more uniform than that of class A, and there will be no situation that one side is dark and the other side is bright. Its brightness can avoid dry friction; With precise infinite adjustment, the color temperature can be quickly switched between positive white light, warm white light and warm yellow light, so as to ensure that the goddess can work, read books or have leisure and entertainment under comfortable light

color rendering index

depicting dedenko desk lamp can well simulate the high color rendering of natural light and truly show the original color of matter. It can not only meet the needs of goddesses in fine work such as reading, writing and drawing, but also bring visual experience of real color under natural light

blue light damage, flash frequency visibility

high energy blue light will cause damage to the goddess' optic membrane, and even more serious, it will cause cataracts. If you use Midea tedden stage, you don't need to worry about the harm caused by light flash anymore

beauty with its own light, be a goddess every day

as the saying goes, "spring" is short and bitter, and the night is long. Why not travel by candle. Ancient people travel by candle at night and have fun in time, that is, they should not innovate technology to directly attack the pain points of the packaging industry such as leakage and wear, and endure beauty to pass easily in ordinary days. Midea lighting cross-border eye protection lamp takes high-quality technology as the foundation and national treasures as the cultural carrier, just like a queen coming from the depths of history, every gesture is a moving soul that illuminates the ages. Whether you buy it yourself or give it to the goddess, Midea lighting cross-border eye protection lamp is definitely a goddess' Day gift that brightens people's eyes. The true goddess is not necessarily the light of the appearance. You must notify professional maintenance personnel to deal with the bright and beautiful. The true goddess illuminates the world around you in the dark. Go to Midea's flagship store to buy it immediately

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