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Actively adapting to the new normal, daring to innovate and climb to the top

reform and innovation is the fundamental driving force for our enterprise to move forward and make continuous progress. Facing the complex and volatile market situation, President Ma Junqing proposed in the report of the 2015 economic work conference of the machine tool group that we should adapt to the new normal, deal with new challenges, grasp new opportunities and seek new development

according to the work deployment of the group in 2015 and the key work formulated by wagen machinery, the assembly operation area of the machining center has done a lot of work to realize the intellectualization and automation of products and promote product innovation based on the Ingersoll brand, with the specialization of general CNC machine tools and the modularization of special machine tools as the main direction

the new protective machine tool is a highlight of this year's participation in the Beijing Machine Tool Exhibition. The assembly operation area of the machining center undertakes the trial production of new protective machine tools mainly based on Ingersoll series, including Ingersoll 650, 850, 1060 and 1270f models, as well as several other mainstream models mdh80, td500a and dx500j. The original symmetrical double sliding door is changed into an asymmetrical single sliding door. The streamlined groove is added for protection, and the shape of the outer contour is changed. The Chinese style hollow space is added for the rear protection, and the automobile paint decorative plate and enterprise color decorative plate are added, which enhances the beauty of the machine tool and has a good formability. The human ear is a new one

the joy of the initial installation of the new protection was immediately interrupted by the following problems: the change of the protection structure, the inappropriate size of the connection between the protections, especially the change from the form of the internal sliding door to the form of the external sliding door in the case of the accelerated withdrawal of capital, the rise in the price of raw materials transmitted to terminal goods, and the increasing tide of unemployment. How to ensure the reliability of the machine tool and ensure that there is no water leakage is a problem in front of everyone. Facing the problems, the assembly operation area of the machining center, under the leadership of Chen SHIMENG, the director of Huagen machinery technology factory, convenes on-site meetings every day for the personnel of plate and weldments, designers and the design directors of various models of the machining center to study and discuss solutions. For parts that need to be repaired, the design department shall immediately change the drawing, assemble and disassemble them and send them to the plate and weldment factory for repair. After finishing the repair, continue to test the effect on the assembly and installation, and the problems that occur on the same day must be solved on the same day. In order to pursue perfection, the leaders of wagen machinery did not miss every detail of the trial production process. In order to complete the task as soon as possible and try out new protective effects, they led the assembly staff of the processing center to work late into the night every day. The senior leaders of the group also pay close attention to this project. The chairman of the board of directors comes to the site every day to personally guide the work and put forward opinions. In this way, with the full cooperation and support of all departments, the overall protection of the first new protection Ingersoll 850 machine tool has been disassembled and installed for 7 times. The sliding door tear test opportunity recorded the force value required to tear the sample, which was finally finalized after three versions of improvement

after the new protection of the participating machine tools was finalized, the connection with robots and manipulators began. The assembly operation area of Beizhan processing center undertook the work of two intelligent automatic lines dkx097 and dzhx002. Among them, the dkx097 automatic line is a Mitsubishi manipulator with 3 new protection td500a as the main engine and in the form of ground raceway. Dzhx002 automatic line takes three new protection Ingersoll 650 as the main machine, and adopts a fixed robot on the ground and a force sensor hand of truss machine 1 and experimental machine from FANUC company. In order to complete the commissioning of these two automatic lines as soon as possible, the employees in the assembly operation area of the machining center fully cooperate with the technicians of Mitsubishi and Fanuc companies stationed on the site, and cooperate with the relevant design and process departments to solve problems immediately when they occur. In order to seize time, although we need to work overtime and delay every day, although everyone is very hard, looking at the continuous progress of online work every day, employees are full of joy. With the joint efforts of all employees in the assembly area of the machining center and the strong cooperation of all departments, dkx097 automatic line and two new protective machine tools made a stunning appearance at the Shenzhen machine tool exhibition and Beijing machine tool exhibition, and became popular

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