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The iron and steel industry meets a rare opportunity: building a strategic railway

the iron and steel industry meets a rare opportunity: building a strategic railway

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Guide: in 2004, China's railway will have an important change on the basis of global strategic positioning. According to a source from the Ministry of railways, Chinese Mainland is actively preparing to build three railways of great strategic value: China Pakistan railway, China Myanmar railway and coastal railway. Some of these three railways have started construction, while others are

in 2004, China's railway will undergo important changes on the basis of global strategic positioning. According to a source from the Ministry of railways, Chinese Mainland is actively preparing to build three railways of great strategic value: China Pakistan railway, China Myanmar railway and coastal railway. Some of these three railways have been started, while others are under discussion

parallel China Pakistan Railway: the "key" of the "westward strategy"

experts from the third Academy of the Ministry of Railways said that under the situation that the Indian ocean route has been controlled by some advantageous sea power, China, as the largest land power country in Asia, has a metrological verification time for its Metrology Department, and borders Pakistan on land. The development of more developed land transportation with Pakistan is in line with the requirements of the overall national strategy

at present, the railway in Xinjiang, China has been built to Kashgar, and the initial clamping force is about 760 kilometers away from Peshawar, an important city in Pakistan. In terms of military security, Islamabad is only 70 ~ 80 kilometers away from the actual control line of Kashmir and India, and Peshawar is located in the rear. Therefore, from the current point of view, it is more suitable for China Pakistan railway to be located in Peshawar. Once the railway is opened to traffic, you can take the train from Beijing to Tehran, the capital of Iran. Its strategic significance and economic value are self-evident. According to experts, it should not be difficult to complete the above two projects before 2015

The economic and trade cooperation between China and these countries is also of great significance to the development and stability of Xinjiang. Xinjiang is rich in resources and can be developed into an export processing base for China to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia and other countries to solve the employment problems of local Uyghur and Han people. Expert introduction, Pakistan is the core of China's "westward strategy". Coastal Railway: connecting Fujian Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Relevant news confirmed that the southeast coastal railway has been included in the national development plan of the cross provincial (regional) railway project Coastal Railway (Shanghai Ningbo Shenzhen Hong Kong Express Railway), and has become the "first vertical" in the "four vertical and four horizontal" railway rapid passenger transport channel planned and constructed by the state ".

the estimated investment of this railway is about 30billion yuan. It will form a three hour economic circle in the coastal area from Hong Kong and Shenzhen to Zhangzhou and Xiamen, so that the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the two most economically developed regions in China, can be quickly connected, and run through the Fujian river delta. It will play a major role in promoting regional exchanges and the development of cities along the line. Therefore, the construction progress of this project has attracted the attention of cities along the line.

The feasibility report of Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo section and Ningbo Wenzhou section has been completed, and the construction of Wenzhou Fuzhou section and Fuzhou Xiamen section is expected to start in the second half of this year, but the construction of Xiamen Shenzhen section has not made progress. Including Shantou, Xiamen "Coastal Railways" including the three special zones in Shenzhen "Nine cities along the Xiamen Shenzhen section have taken action to jointly promote the construction of the Xiamen Shenzhen passenger dedicated line.

a few days ago, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Shanwei, Jieyang, Meizhou, Shantou, Chaozhou, Zhangzhou and Xiamen publicly announced that they would strive to build a 550 kilometer southeast coastal railway, which is estimated to cost 30 billion yuan.

in China's Pan Pearl River Delta region, by 2020, the railway operation mileage will reach 29000 kilometers, more than at present 10000 kilometers. At that time, the railway will form a Pan Pearl River Delta regional high-speed railway passenger transport with Guangzhou as the center, passenger dedicated lines and intercity passenger railways as the skeleton, and connected with relevant passenger and freight mixed speed-up lines

China Myanmar Railway: connecting "Sanya" and "two oceans"

the erection of the South Asia continental bridge and the opening of the southwest sea railway channel will promote the economic and trade development of all parts of China, especially the central and western regions, and Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and other regions, and will shorten the sea transportation distance of the western region by more than 5000 kilometers. It can save more than US $100billion in import and export freight to import and export enterprises in Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa in central and Western China, especially in the southwest. This will help reduce the cost of export-oriented enterprises in the central and western regions, especially in the southwest, and improve the economic benefits of these export-oriented enterprises. Therefore, it is conducive to promoting the large-scale development and development of China's central and western regions, especially the southwest region

the construction plan to connect Myanmar and lead to South Asian countries includes: Kunming Ruili Yangon high-grade highway (with a total length of about 1917 kilometers and a domestic section of 760 kilometers); Ruili BAMO China Myanmar combined water and land transportation channel (122 kilometers) and the planned China Myanmar railway

in order to connect with the railways in Southeast Asia and South Asia, China has proposed to start from the East, central The plan of West 3rd road to speed up the construction of the "International Corridor" railway has been implemented. The East Road has the Kun River Railway leading to Hanoi, Vietnam, and can enter the Pacific Ocean through Haiphong port. The middle road is the China Thailand railway, the Kunming Xiangyun (or Yuxi) section has been opened to traffic, and Xiangyun extends 726 kilometers to the South (or 772 kilometers to the south of Yuxi) After leaving the country from Shang Yong, it can be connected with Thailand and Southeast Asia railways through Myanmar or Laos, and directly reach the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. The west road is the China Myanmar railway and China India railway. Now the Guangtong Railway (Guangtong station on Chengdu Kunming Railway to Dali) has been opened to traffic. 720 kilometers from the Xiangyun station on the Guangtong railway to the southwest New traditional resistance wire heating station can be built, and then it can reach Lashio, Myanmar through the Mengding port (Qingshui River), and directly reach Yangon port or Sittwe port in the south to enter the Indian Ocean; In addition, 440 kilometers from Dali, you can leave the country through Tengchong port to Myitkyina, which is connected to Myanmar railway, directly to the Indian Ocean to the south, and to the Indian Railway to the West. You can reach many ports in the countries on the South Bank of the Indian Ocean, and even many countries along the Mediterranean Sea, such as West Asia, southern Europe, North Africa, etc., becoming another world land bridge connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa in China

the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of railways have included all the three major projects of the east line, the middle line and the west line into the construction plan, And strive to be in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" "The construction will be completed during the planning period.

experts from the Ministry of Commerce said that once the China Myanmar railway is completed, it will soon connect to Bangladesh, which has a huge market of 120million people, and can connect to the railway network of India if conditions permit. At that time, it will form a China South Asia market with the largest population of 3billion in the world.

to sum up, China is actively preparing to build China Pakistan railway, China Myanmar railway and coastal railway The three railways with great strategic value will bring rare market opportunities to many industries, including the metallurgical industry. Railway construction will inevitably require steel rails and their auxiliary steel, and more steel will be required for tunnel construction. I hope relevant departments can take positive actions to seize this rare market opportunity and make achievements

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