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Nehe second-hand stabilized soil mixing plant origin [bate machinery]

Nehe second-hand stabilized soil mixing plant origin [bate machinery]

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Product Brand bate product model wcz production City Shandong shipping City Weifang total supply 1000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 270000 unit of measurement product details

Nehe second-hand stabilized soil mixing plant origin [bate machinery]

the main products of Shandong Beite heavy industry include wcz series stabilized soil mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, stabilized soil mixing equipment and auxiliary machinery (double shaft mixer, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, etc.), Hz (L) s series concrete mixing station (building), lb5000, lb4000, lb3000, LB2000 asphalt concrete mixing station, which are widely used in high-rise buildings, high-grade highways, airports, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower projects

1. Reasonable planning. The non liner double horizontal shaft forced mixing host is selected, which is full of small blades and large linear speed plan, so that the materials can be quickly promoted under the "exuberant" condition, with high productivity, uniform mixing, and stable production process, without replacing the liner, long service life and low maintenance cost. The fully sealed and air-conditioned control room improves the comfort of operators and reduces the labor intensity of operation. 2. Easy to control cost. The special powder big mouth screw feeder prevents the previous impeller feeder from being easily blocked by moisture, makes the dust measurement more reliable, stable and even connected, can effectively reduce the product materials of powder, stabilize the data cost, control more accurately

3, and have a long service life. Single motor driven reducer, large gear synchronous transmission, stable and reliable operation, impact and oscillation resistance, strong overload resistance and long service life

4. Wide application range. The mixing plant equipment can mix cement stabilized soil, lime stabilized soil, gravel stabilized soil and other bottom layer stability data

5, which is convenient to use. The system has the functions of shutdown, startup process handling and condition detection, fault alarm, overload alarm and undervoltage maintenance, manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic operation modes, can store data such as proportioning and output value, and can output and print calculation reports. It provides strong support for on-site management, scheduling and monitoring; The stabilized soil mixing station adopts computer speed regulation or frequency conversion electronic speed regulation, with uniform and reliable material supply, strong anti-interference ability, accurate proportioning and simple operation; A variety of powder supply methods can be selected: manual unpacking of cement or bulk cement, or bucket elevator; The door of the product silo can be opened single or double, which is convenient to use. There are three kinds of volumes: 6, 8 and 10m3. 6. Environmental protection effect. The common water supply mode ensures that the water supply is uniform and stable. Water mist can effectively reduce dust pollution and eradicate stable soil lumps

according to customer needs, appoint service station professionals. "In the current social environment with such a rapid pace of life and production, the pursuit of high efficiency has become people's eternal goal. Students study to pursue high efficiency, enterprises produce to pursue high efficiency, and even watch TV to pursue high efficiency. People are constantly pursuing better methods and measures on the road of pursuing efficiency. The same is true of stabilized soil mixing station, which is exploring ways to improve and improve production efficiency all the time. Here we come Take a brief look at the methods and measures to improve the production efficiency of stabilized soil mixing station. "For the influence of the charging time, mixing time and discharging time of the stabilized soil mixing plant, the user should regularly check the butterfly valve and relevant electrical components during use to ensure that the mechanism operates smoothly, whether the connection between the powder hopper and the mixer is smooth, and ensure the normal feeding time; for the mixing time, the user should check the integrity of the blade liner inside the mixer, the position of raw material feeding, the feeding time period, and whether there is the influence of axle locking phenomenon Mixing effect and time; For discharging time

"check whether the material is sufficient and whether the water is unblocked. If there is an air circuit, check whether the air compressor works normally and whether the discharge door opens and closes smoothly." Mobile stabilized soil mixing station: each silo can be towed and walked with tires, which is convenient and flexible for transfer, and the production capacity is low. Fixed stabilized soil mixing station: concrete is widely used in many industries to lay the foundation, and then fix the equipment on it, with high production capacity. "(2) the batching of stabilized soil mixing plant shall be accurate." (4) The stabilized soil mixing station shall be sprinkled with water and mixed evenly. "(5) the thickness and elevation of the base course shall be strictly controlled in the stabilized soil mixing plant, and the cross slope of its crown shall be consistent with the surface course." (6) The stabilized soil mixing plant shall roll when the mixture is at or slightly higher than the water content of * * * until the determined required compactness is reached. "The above is the little knowledge of the stabilized soil mixing station summarized for you." each silo belt of the mobile stabilized soil mixing station is mainly considered from the five aspects of technology, cost, service, quality and delivery time. The tires can be towed, the transfer is convenient and flexible, and the production capacity is low. The fixed stabilized soil mixing station needs to use concrete to lay the foundation

"The wear of machines and tools is as inevitable as the error of the decimal point, but it can be reduced to * * *. Different degrees of wear will have more or less impact on the work of the concrete mixer, and what we can do now is to minimize the wear within * * * limits. Let's first look at the parts that are easier to wear, and then focus on protection. We should remember that we can make the consequences of the experiment more accurate: mixer surface, vibrating screen, mixing blade and mixing blade Mixing drum is the key protection object. The next step is to take action. "Surface wear: some micro vibration, sliding, impact, abrasion and rust will cause surface wear, which requires users to pay attention to when using, avoid collision, abrasion and other problems, be diligent in wiping, and the deformation of each part on the same section is not consistent, keep the surface clean, and deal with it in time if there is rust. Vibrating screen wear: the key is with vibrating bearings, users must choose high-quality bearings, and often lubricate the bearings The lubrication device should be reasonable. Mixing blade: the mixing blade is used to mix concrete, so it is generally seriously worn

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