The hottest steel industry is in the doldrums, and

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The iron and steel industry is in a downturn. Shanghai steel union seeks a breakthrough in transformation.

the profit margin of the iron and steel industry is approaching zero.

since this year, the output of China's iron and steel industry has maintained rapid growth, but the growth of steel market demand is less than expected. In this case, steel enterprises are generally bearish on the aftermarket, and steel prices continue to fall. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the average daily output of crude steel in China is 2.513 million tons, which is equivalent to the annual output of crude steel of 785 million tons. However, the data released by the steel logistics professional committee of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing showed that the PMI index of the domestic steel industry was 46.8% in May, which has remained below the 50% boom and bust line for three consecutive months

My steel price is expected to decline by another 15% this year

on June 24, Yu Liangui, my vice president of steel, said that based on the steel market situation this year, my steel consumption this year is expected to be roughly the same as that of last year, or a slight increase of% and the requirements for force measuring machines are high; However, in terms of steel prices, they may fall by another% after a 15% decline last year. Yu Liangui said that at present, China's steel production capacity has been seriously overcapacity, and the road to "de capacity" will be very long, and the main means of de capacity is price leverage. Therefore, in the long run, it is difficult for steel prices to perform well, and there will be no strong rise like that before 2008

strengthen coal business Dongfang coal is about to go online

the e-commerce platform of Dongfang coal, jointly invested by Shanghai Steel Union and Anhui Huaibei Mining Group, will be officially launched in July, and is currently in the final software testing stage. Oriental coal e-commerce platform will be settled in Shanghai, with a total investment of 100million yuan. The investment will be completed in three phases, with the first phase of 5million yuan, of which Huaibei mining investment accounts for 52% shares and Shanghai Steel Union accounts for 48% shares

at the initial stage, the platform will mainly promote coal products, and later plans to build a trading platform for coal chemical products, salt chemical products and a bidding and procurement platform for mining products

get involved in agricultural products B2B and further improve the layout of the industrial chain

the agricultural products B2B platform "my agricultural products" under Shanghai Steel Union has been officially launched in April. In addition to my agricultural products, a few months ago, Shanghai Steel Union also launched a B2B station in the construction industry called "Centennial construction". Zhu Junhong told Yibang power that the main purpose of entering the field of agricultural products is to improve the layout of the industrial chain of Shanghai Steel Union. The expansion idea of Shanghai Steel Union is to build a very complete industry step by step along the industrial chain. At present, Shanghai Steel Union has been involved in five bulk commodity industries, including steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, oil and agricultural products

Logistics: logistics cooperation will be reached with Tangshan Iron and steel.

on June 19, Chen Jian, general manager of Shanghai Steel Union Iron and steel logistics division, had a comprehensive exchange with the heads of relevant departments of Tangshan Iron and steel logistics company and Tangshan Port Co., Ltd. on the logistics of bulk commodities in Tangshan area. The two sides focused on the positioning, planning and construction of logistics parks, and how to connect inland logistics with maritime logistics. According to the analysis of insiders, the cooperation between Shanghai Steel Union and Tangshan Iron and steel is conducive to strengthening its ability in B2B supporting services

do not care about the company's profit situation MPa—— Response

at the 8th e-commerce Conference for small and medium-sized enterprises, my steel CEO zhujunhong said that he did not care about the profit status of my steel, but focused on the long-term interests of the enterprise. "If we want to grow in the future, we need to invest more in cupping experiments and zigzag experiments now. It doesn't matter if the profit situation is bad." Zhu Junhong pointed out that at present, our steel revenue mainly comes from trading revenue, not service revenue. In 2013, we will improve the status of service revenue

reality forces steel trading enterprises to trade

ZHU Junhong said that the severe realistic environment forces steel traders to trade, which brings great opportunities to steel B2B enterprises. The steel industry began to experience a major reshuffle last year. In this process, it is estimated that steel traders have decreased significantly. The plight of the steel industry has prompted enterprises to find new sales channels. Zhu Junhong believes that 2013 is very critical for the B2B industry and the opportunity for B2B

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