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The situation in the iron and steel industry is severe, and the way to deal with the situation in the iron and steel industry is severe. The way to deal with the situation in the iron and steel industry in China is severe. Since this year, the situation in China's iron and steel industry has been very severe, the demand for steel is still weak, the price of steel continues to decline, and the operation of iron and steel enterprises is extremely difficult. In order to strive to complete the annual plan tasks, the enterprises of CITIC Pacific special steel group have overcome difficulties and seize opportunities, and launched a new round of hard work and deep exploration of potential

Xingcheng Special Steel: deeply carry out the activity of "sensational effect of open source graphene, saving money, reducing cost and increasing efficiency"

Xingcheng Special Steel will unswervingly focus on the annual budget goal, and deeply carry out the theme activity of "everyone makes a plan for opening up sources and saving money, and does something practical". At the beginning of August, Qian Gang, general manager of Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd., organized the heads of all branch departments to hold a special meeting on "cost reduction and efficiency increase", which defined the objectives, people and innovation path measures of the new round of cost reduction and efficiency increase. General manager Qian Gang required: unswervingly increase revenue and reduce expenditure, tap potential internally, reduce cost, improve quality and efficiency, expand domestic and foreign markets, and compete for orders; All the staff are united and contribute their efforts to fight for benefits, orders and survival. At present, all business divisions have actively responded to the call, and have submitted newly revised cost control indicators and implementation plans for increasing revenue and reducing expenditure on the basis of cost reduction in the first half of the year

at the same time, the general manager's office, the Party committee office, the labor union, the operation management department, the human resources department and other relevant personnel of the company went deep into each business department, analyzed and reported the severe business situation faced by the current enterprise, and passed the pressure to each team leader and employee at all levels. Jia Jinghong, deputy secretary of the Xingcheng Party committee, pointed out that in extraordinary times and under great pressure, every employee should make suggestions and innovations for the benefit improvement of the Xingcheng family. Each business division has submitted more than 60 suggestions and measures for increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, generating income and increasing efficiency. Everyone said that they would proceed from reality, carry out cost reduction and efficiency increase activities in a planned, implemented, focused and incentive manner, and form a normalized management method and system

at present, Xingcheng Special Steel is carrying out the activity of "everyone contributes a plan and does a practical thing to open up sources and reduce expenditure", and the plan of opening up sources and reducing expenditure is conveyed layer by layer to each team and staff, so as to guide the staff to actively contribute ideas and suggestions for cost reduction and efficiency increase activities, seriously implement the plan of opening up sources and reducing expenditure, and normalize the work of cost reduction

Xinyegang: respond to the market with "three around", "three don't lose and three guarantee"

in the face of the severity of the market situation, recently, liguozhong, general manager of Xinyegang, emphasized "three around", "three sentences of quality", "three don't lose and three guarantee", and asked the whole company to take this as an important guiding ideology to deal with the current market downturn. He pointed out that orders, markets and users are the key to the survival of enterprises. We must win the total social demand with quality, including investment demand and consumption demand market, compete for efficiency with cost, and seek development with innovation

first, comprehensively implement the important instructions of chairman Yu Yapeng on "quality is the life of an enterprise, today's quality is tomorrow's market, and quality is related to everyone". This is the key for us to win the market. We must go deep into our thoughts and reflect them in our actions; We must see that the user's demand is the only standard, and zero defect is the trend of product delivery in the future, which requires us to do a good job in pre production, in production and post production quality control to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory. The second is to achieve "three centers". That is, the whole company revolves around the market, production units revolve around sales, and government departments revolve around production. Market demand is the basis of decision-making and the direction of efforts. The needs of sales are the needs of users, and production must be unconditionally and comprehensively met; Functional departments should go deep into the scene to help and guide production units to solve difficulties and provide good services. The third is "three don't lose" and "three ensure". We must ensure that "key products, key users and key markets are not lost; product quality, service quality and benefit improvement are ensured". All systems should focus on the "three don't lose, three ensure" to set plans and measures, and pay close attention to the implementation

liguozhong also put forward requirements for cost reduction and efficiency increase: do a good job in the whole process, all-round and unconventional cost reduction, achieve low inventory, low consumption and zero waste, and work hard to improve the yield and reduce waste products, so as to fully tap the potential of all benefits

New Yaxing: intensive cultivation requires benefits from the market

in January, new Yaxing actively strives for benefits from the market while stabilizing product quality, and achieves the goal of improving quality and efficiency through "intensive cultivation" in both internal and external markets. All indexes of coke quality are stable, and the comprehensive qualification rate is basically maintained at 100%; Compared with the same period last year, the proportion of primary coke used in Xingcheng blast furnace increased by 5.53%, and the company's benefits increased significantly

in the face of the internal market, xinyaxing firmly establishes the working concept of "coke quality is the basis for the stability of blast furnace production", strengthens the concept of total cost before ironmaking, strengthens the cooperation with Xingcheng ironmaking system, and explores the optimal operation method of the system integrating coke production cost, stable operation of blast furnace and molten iron cost of blast furnace. Strengthen the small coke oven experiment and cost performance analysis of low-cost coal, and ensure the stability of blast furnace production by verifying the physical quality of coke. Considering the production demand and ensuring the use efficiency, with the effective investment of cost and quality, the cost and benefit of the whole pre iron system are optimized

while optimizing the coal blending structure, xinyaxing further strengthens the fine management of the coal yard to ensure that the boundaries of various coal types are clear; Strengthen the production control of coke ovens and ensure the stability of coke quality through strict control of the whole process. At the same time, the "problem oriented" innovation activities are carried out in all aspects, such as production organization, process operation, equipment guarantee, energy conservation and consumption reduction. Through continuous optimization of production and operation, the depth of decarburization layer increases linearly with the extension of holding time, tap the potential of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and strive to support the completion of the company's target benefits

Taifu specialty materials: optimize ore blending, reduce costs, and improve basic management level

around the goal of "brand quality improvement year", all employees of Taifu specialty materials work together to overcome adverse factors in the pellet market, establish a professional talent team internally, optimize ore blending, reduce costs, and improve basic management level; The external benchmarking is advanced, the gap is narrowed, the difficulties are met, and the initiative is taken. The pellet sales are steadily increased, and the stable supply is guaranteed, which is understood and recognized by users

Yue Qiang, general manager of Taifu specialty materials, required that focusing on the objectives and tasks of the second half of the year, we should take "doing and doing" as the guiding ideology, and focus on promoting the "five modernizations" management. The first is the marketization of internal operation. The work among branches should be promoted according to the market pricing model. Second, lean process control. Less input, more output. The project should be fully demonstrated and analyzed. Actively benchmarking and cutting costs. Strengthen equipment management and improve pellet 2# production line. Third, business management is procedural. Standardize the procedures based on the principles of simplicity, efficiency and ease of implementation. Fourth, the standardization of on-site management. According to 5S management requirements, achieve fixed location management. Optimize the thermal system and fundamentally improve the on-site cleaner production situation. Fifth, performance evaluation data. Each employee of each branch should establish a set of performance evaluation system, so that everyone can bear a heavy burden and have indicators on their heads

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