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Shandong Pentium paint industry Co., Ltd. implements ERP

Shandong Pentium paint industry Co., Ltd. implements ERP

May 20, 2002

the company has always taken informatization and networking construction as an important means to improve the enterprise's ability to adopt fair structural and functional design management and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. In 1996, the company established an internal network and used some self-developed management software in the sales and production departments, but there were weaknesses such as poor data security and inability to fully share. People can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console. With the further expansion of the company's scale, the company invested in the construction of its own ERP system, including seven modules: material supply management, production management, product sales, financial management, warehouse logistics and data management, human resource management, and Chairman inquiry

through the implementation of ERP project, the company can generate, monitor, store and update the required data at any time in terms of raw material procurement, safety inventory and economic inventory, production plan, teaching demonstration, cost accounting, finished product sales, financial accounting, fixed asset management and so on

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