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Shandong longfu technology plastic bottles become beautiful blankets

plastic bottles can become gorgeous blankets, which is not a myth or magic. Shandong Yang added a little copper to refine the lead alloy grains. Xinlong Fuhuan Nengke and Al2O3 Technology Co., Ltd. created this "moment to witness miracles"

in the production workshop of Longfu technology, the machine "eats" waste mineral water bottles, coke bottles and edible oil bottles, and "spits" out blankets with beautiful patterns

after many processes such as shredding, deep cleaning, purification, crystallization drying and high-temperature melting, the waste plastic bottles are pulled into filaments with only one sixtieth of the diameter of the hair, and then woven into white blankets. After printing and dyeing, finishing and many deep-seated processing processes, they are transformed into colorful and brightly patterned blankets

duanjianguo, chairman of Longfu technology, believes that the key to whether a thing is waste is whether you can find a place where it can be reused. Waste is also valuable when used well. Using the 2.64 billion waste plastic bottles recycled at home and abroad, longfu technology can produce 6million blankets for daily household use a year, equivalent to saving 150000 tons of crude oil every year

"compared with ordinary blankets, they are softer, warm and comfortable. What we recycle are all food grade materials, which only produce physical changes in the production process, do not produce chemical changes, and are harmless to human body. Products are mainly exported." Zhang Liping, the project Department of the company, said

in 2011, the blankets "transformed" from such waste plastic bottles were sold to nearly 40 countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan and India. The export volume of Longfu Huanneng technology reached US $12million, and it is estimated that the export volume this year will reach US $30million

according to duanjianguo, what longfu technology does is a project of "making things out of nothing". The predecessor of Longfu Huanneng technology used to be an enterprise that used raw polyester chips as raw materials to produce polyester filaments. It can produce up to 3000 tons of polyester filaments as clothing fibers a year. It is not only highly dependent on raw materials, but also has no advantage in the highly competitive chemical fiber industry

since 2006, longfu Huanneng technology has focused on the environmental protection industry in the brutal market competition. Through independent research and development, this company invented the technology of extracting recycled polyester filament from waste plastic bottles through physical reaction, and became the first enterprise in the world to have a production line of recycled FDY filament produced entirely from waste polyester bottle chips, and what are the general projects of this kind of polyester filament? Processed into civil blankets, tapestries, carpets and other products

longfu technology has also achieved unconventional and leapfrog development with this unique skill. In 2007, the company's sales revenue was only more than 6 million yuan, while in 2011, it achieved sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan. At the same time, longfu company has also become a polyester fiber industry. When pressing the lower collet release button and the collet has no response, press the button again to check the electrical signal input to the conversion solenoid valve coil. The control signal sent by it is normal. At this time, measuring the oil pressure at the outlet of the clamping drive oil source is also a standard setting unit

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