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Shandong plans to build a global equipment manufacturing industry group and accelerate the reform of China's commercial vehicle industry. Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shandong heavy industry group, was officially appointed as secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. The integration of FAW, Dongfeng and Chang'an, which has been passed on for more than a year, has not been followed up yet, while Shandong heavy industry and China Heavy Industry Corporation (sinotruk) are ready to work and bear fruit

China's largest commercial vehicle group was born in Shandong. According to last year's sales forecast, after integration, the group's truck market share ranks first in China and the world's top three, the passenger car market share ranks second in China and the world's top three, and the engine, gearbox and axle Market share ranks first in the world. China's job will be simple, and the competition pattern of the commercial vehicle industry will be rewritten

implement the reform of state-owned enterprises

the reform of Jinan government to attract investment and talents can only be carried out, especially in the face of national interests

Shandong heavy industry takes Weichai group as the main body and is under the supervision of Shandong SASAC. Sinotruk is a municipal state-owned enterprise in Shandong Province. Jinan state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and Shandong State owned Assets Investment Holding Co., Ltd. hold 80% and 20% shares of SINOTRUK respectively. Both are the main carriers of national interests. In the competition from the international market to the specimen destruction field, they are the representatives of China's manufacturing industry and automobile industry, and their success is the national wisdom

the 2018 report on the reform and development of state owned enterprises and state owned assets in China pointed out that at present, the reform of state-owned enterprises in China also shows four "more" trends. First, it is more focused on improving competitiveness and solidly promoting strategic restructuring; Second, pay more attention to the quality and effect of reorganization, and accelerate the internal resource reorganization; Third, give more play to Industrial Synergy and steadily promote enterprise restructuring and integration; Fourth, pay more attention to the direction of industrial development, and actively promote the reorganization and merger of new business forms and new fields. In the process of reform, there is even a re integration according to "one business segment, one group company" or "one industry, one group company"

the pace of reform in Shandong Province is moving forward rapidly

at the beginning of 2018, Shandong SASAC issued the "20 major events and division of labor for Shandong SASAC to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets and Party building in 2018", the tenth of which is to promote the industrial integration and reorganization of provincial enterprises and build three industrial groups of automobile, medical care and tourism

this year, Shandong Province has launched a tough battle to "transform the old and new kinetic energy". Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, once said frankly that Shandong Province has a gap compared with developed provinces such as Guangdong and Zhejiang, with poor industrial structure, slow growth of new kinetic energy, insufficient development vitality and low economic benefits. Therefore, Shandong's economy has entered a critical period of transformation. The key to promoting the transformation of old and new driving forces is to highlight physical enterprises and high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the step-by-step strategic cooperation between Shandong heavy industry and sinotruk reflects the deep analysis and great strategy and wisdom of Shandong provincial government on the current industrial pattern, reflects the firm executive power of Jinan municipal government, and also reflects the responsibility of Shandong heavy industry and sinotruk as two state-owned enterprises in Shandong Province in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong provincial Party committee and Secretary of Jinan municipal Party committee, said in his speech, "in order to effectively strengthen and expand the automobile industry of our province and our city, after the strategic cooperation between Heavy Truck Group and heavy industry group, we need to comprehensively consider the asset advantages and technological advantages of the two groups, and the strategic planning and market layout of industrial development. The municipal Party Committee believes that it is appropriate for Tan Xuguang to serve as the party secretary and chairman of heavy truck."

Tan Xuguang is an excellent entrepreneur introduced by Jinan. They believe that Tan is pragmatic, passionate, grounded and capable. According to the analysis of this newspaper, Jinan should have investigated Tan Xuguang for a long time. This move is indeed a big pattern, with an open spirit and a broad vision, which fully proves the leap change of Jinan's business ecosystem

a lot of media focus on the past of Weichai and heavy truck. It's really "I don't know the true face of Lushan Mountain, just because I'm in this mountain." We should not ignore the good intentions of the Jinan municipal government when we "look at the long-term scenery". Analyze the enterprise phenomenon in Jinan, Duckling and Qingqi are gone; Sinotruk went through bankruptcy and reorganization. Shaanxi Automobile and Sichuan automobile were all assigned to local management, leaving only their business in Shandong

Jinan can't lose any more opportunities. They want to make China National Heavy Duty Truck take another big step forward. They want to build a world leading high-end equipment manufacturing group. They chose the right leader who can make Jinan's automobile industry lead the country, no matter who he is. Tan Xuguang was selected because of his ability, which is a political task entrusted by the organization and is not transferred by his personal will

the world's leading equipment manufacturing industry group is ready to emerge

Shandong heavy industry plans to build a 100 billion level high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park in Jinan's new and old kinetic energy conversion pilot area, and build a global equipment manufacturing industry group in Shandong

Shandong heavy industry's main business covers six sectors: powertrain, intelligent logistics, automobile, engineering machinery, luxury yacht and financial services. It has 7 secondary subsidiaries, 7 listed companies and 8 stocks, as well as domestic and foreign well-known brands such as Weichai Power, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, Zhongtong bus, Shantui engineering machinery, Italian Faraday, German Kaiao, Linde hydraulic, and American dematec. In 2017, the operating revenue was 230billion yuan and the total profit was more than 10 billion yuan

sinotruk was delegated to Jinan City in 2015 and is a wholly state-owned company, of which the Jinan municipal government holds 80% equity and the provincial SASAC holds 20% equity. Its main business covers five sectors: trucks, engines and units, auto parts, financial services and real estate. It has two listed companies and famous brands such as shandeka, HOWO, Steyr, Trump and Fuluo. In 2017, sinotruk group achieved a sales revenue of 90.5 billion yuan and a profit of 4.5 billion yuan

in the industrial layout of Shandong heavy industry, Weichai has the strongest strength, and its most advantageous resource is the powertrain. Its products and technology can be rated as the first in China and the leading in the world. China heavy truck has a complete series of commercial vehicles - Airbus and Boeing plan to continue to increase the assembly volume to reflect the market demand, led by heavy trucks, covering medium-sized trucks, light (micro) trucks, large and medium-sized passenger cars, mining vehicles, special vehicles, etc. "China heavy truck" vehicle brand is the third in China and world-renowned

from the perspective of the global market, China's commercial vehicle industry is large enough, but its technical strength is not strong enough. China has a large number of commercial vehicle brands but insufficient international influence. Although China's commercial vehicle industry chain is complete and rich, it cannot fully enter the international market. In the critical period of high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry, China's commercial vehicle industry needs a "China business card" with great influence, high visibility and strong technical strength

at present, the integration of the global commercial vehicle industry is the general trend. Daimler commercial vehicle, Volvo commercial vehicle and Volkswagen commercial vehicle have gradually developed into the three global commercial vehicle industry alliances, and the global heavy truck market share has reached 40%. The road of resource integration in China's commercial vehicle market has just begun. The strategic cooperation between Shandong heavy industry and sinotruk is a major opportunity for China's commercial vehicle industry to enhance its international competitiveness

according to the sales data in 2017, Shaanxi heavy truck and China heavy truck under Weichai of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. sold 363000 heavy trucks in total, ranking the top three in the world and the first in China; The sales volume of Weichai (Yaxing) + Zhongtong bus + China heavy truck bus is nearly 30000, which is the top three in the world and the second in China; In terms of powertrain, Weichai + sinotruk sold 820000 engines, 1.03 million transmissions and 1.1 million axles, ranking first in the world

Tan Xuguang said at the leading cadres' meeting of China National Heavy Duty Truck, the first time that China's annual sales of loaders exceeded 210000 units in 2010, "The provincial Party committee and the provincial government have high expectations for the development of the automobile industry in Shandong Province, which gives me greater impetus. We must unswervingly implement the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, emancipate our minds, deepen reform, and work hard to create a full range of commercial vehicle groups with leading core competitiveness, leading quality and efficiency, and leading new kinetic energy growth, and take the lead in the province in the conversion of high-quality old and new kinetic energy."

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