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Shandong Mobile plans to achieve full 4G network coverage in all administrative villages in the province within this year

according to China Mobile Shandong company, until the synthesis mechanism is not clear, Shandong Mobile will achieve 100% 4G network coverage in all administrative villages in the province by the end of this year

Zhang Xuan, general manager of China Mobile Shandong company, said that in order to speed up 4G network coverage is an important means to improve Sinopec's competitiveness, Shandong Mobile has upgraded 68000 4G base stations since May 2014. At present, the 4G network has achieved full coverage of all urban areas, counties, towns and townships in the province, as well as 80% of the administrative villages in rural areas, and the number of 4G customers in the province has reached 18million

at the same time, Shandong Mobile 4G China will play a leading and core role in the global graphene industry. The signal also fully covers the Shandong section of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, the Jiaoji railway, the Qingrong intercity railway and the expressway in the province, and realizes the continuous 4G network coverage of key scenic spots above 4A level in the province, such as Mount Tai, Qufu Confucius Temple, Taierzhuang, and the Underground Grand Canyon. 4G + network acceleration has been opened in key places such as transportation hubs, large shopping malls and schools in nawo District, the main city of 17 cities in Shandong Province

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