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Shandong released six government cloud standards, and the wave of new contributions to government cloud practice

recently, Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the provincial Commission of economy and information technology jointly released six local standards for Shandong E-government public service platform and government information resource sharing. Among the six standards released this time, three related to the E-government public service cloud platform, which were jointly formulated by Inspur and Shandong Institute of standardization. So far, Inspur has led and participated in the formulation of nine national and seven local cloud service industry standards

since Shandong Province launched the research and construction of e-government standard system in 2014, according to incomplete statistics of GGII, 23 e-government standard system frameworks have been designed and planned. The six standards announced this time are three standards of E-government public service cloud platform "application migration", "application deployment" and "service directory", as well as three standards of government information resources "identifier coding rules", "core metadata" and "directory compilation guide", which are the key and basic standards for the construction of e-government system in Shandong Province, and will become the unified standard for the use of e-government information management in Shandong Province, It is expected to break through the barriers of government information flow and sharing at the technical level

since 201 made innovations from the two dimensions of product performance and ecological environmental protection, and took the lead in releasing the cloud computing strategy in China in the past 0 years, Inspur has gradually built four cloud capabilities with service cloud, industry cloud, security cloud and China cloud as the core based on more than 30 years of practical experience in serving the Chinese government, industry and enterprise informatization, focusing on providing cloud services for the government, industry and large enterprises, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience, It has formed in-depth industry insight, and has won No.1 in China's Government cloud market for three consecutive years. At present, Inspur is providing government cloud services to 114 provincial and municipal governments across the country

in Shandong, Langchao has made full use of the existing basic environment, computing, storage, disaster recovery center and other resources in Shandong Province to build an e-government public service cloud platform suitable for two-level platforms and multi-level applications. Shandong has also become the first crab eater in China whose provincial government purchases services from social forces. Up to now, Shandong Provincial cloud platform has integrated and deployed 42 provincial-level organs and 346 business application systems. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the number of provincial-level organs deployed and operated based on the provincial cloud platform will exceed 50, with more than 500 business application systems, with a coverage rate of more than 50%

with the strong support of the wave, the construction of a cloud in Shandong Province has been rapidly rolled out. At present, Jinan has achieved the cloud concentration of business systems, networks, support platforms and equipment operation management of more than 80 departments, and more than 570 business applications and more than 20 cross departmental applications have been operated in the unified cloud center, saving more than 30% of the provincial financial funds every year. Qingdao deployed more than 110 information systems based on the municipal e-government cloud platform, saving about 30million yuan in operation and maintenance costs annually. Weifang E-government public platform provides shared services for more than 60 business systems and government information databases of more than 40 departments. Weihai has completed the construction of two major cloud platforms, public service cloud and government affairs cloud, supporting more than 100 large applications of public services and government affairs services, and is expected to reduce the financial budget by 20million yuan per year. Zibo, Dongying, Linyi, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou and other cities have preliminarily completed the construction of municipal e-government infrastructure support environment, and the application results will gradually appear

as the first brand of China's Government cloud, Inspur has passed six trusted cloud product certifications. It is the only cloud service manufacturer that has passed the trusted cloud security assessment and gold medal operation and maintenance certification. It has passed the first batch of cloud computing service capability assessment enhancement qualification audit of the Ministry of industry and information technology in both public cloud and private cloud fields. At present, the two local standards of the E-government public service cloud platform "Specification for the determination of connectivity and elongation" and "function and performance specification" being developed by Inspur and Shandong Institute of standardization will also be released this year

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