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Shandong has identified 10 areas of quality improvement, and strives to take the lead in building a strong quality Province in the country. By 2030, Shandong will build an internationally competitive product, industry, city and regional quality highland, and take the lead in building a strong quality Province in the country. On July 4, the Shandong provincial Party committee and the Shandong provincial government issued the implementation plan on carrying out quality improvement actions. Around the above goals, the plan defined the key areas for comprehensively improving the quality level and deployed 10 key construction contents to promote quality improvement. It will be a strong support for Shandong to accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, build a strong marine province, and comprehensively open a new situation of building a modern and strong province in an innovative era

improve quality and promote the overall leap of manufacturing level

promote the overall leap of manufacturing quality level. We will organize 22 industries including household appliances, equipment manufacturing, automotive, petrochemical, textile and clothing, and industrial ceramics to carry out quality improvement actions, focus on promoting the transformation of new and old drivers into "top ten" industries, build world-class industrial clusters, accelerate the construction of industrial interconnection platforms, support the integration of enterprise innovation chains and supply chains, complete the upgrading of enterprises to big data platforms, and develop intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, and service-oriented manufacturing, Promote the construction of the "made in China 2025" pilot area. For the steel, electrolytic aluminum, local refining, tire, coking, chemical fertilizer, chlor alkali and other chemical industries, promote the upgrading of standards, carry out actions to improve quality and efficiency, and build green factories, green mines and Green Industrial Park demonstration sites (areas) that are green, environmental friendly, safe, standard, energy-saving and water-saving. Implement the industrial foundation strengthening project, and carry out quality research on common quality problems and key constraints such as key technologies, processes, materials, parts and components

promote the upgrading of the quality of consumer goods. Implement the "quality revolution" plan, and carry out benchmarking and upgrading actions for household appliances, furniture, textile and clothing, shoes and hats, kitchenware, hardware tools, household chemicals, oil products, sporting goods and other daily-use consumer goods according to the international advanced level. PolyOne displays the combination of halogen-free high-temperature materials and additive solutions to build an international brand. We will carry out actions to improve the quality of consumer goods production areas, accelerate the construction of national quality improvement demonstration areas (bases), and promote the diversified development of emerging consumer goods such as artificial intelligence, new audio-visual equipment, wearable devices, and smart homes

improve the quality level of construction projects. Focus on improving the quality of housing, municipal, transportation, water conservancy and other construction projects. Strengthen the priority of the construction unit and implement the lifelong accountability system for project quality. Strengthen the quality supervision of the whole process of project construction, implement the management of quality information archives of the whole process, and promote the standardization of project quality management. Carry out the pilot project of quality supervision reported by supervision units to the government, and promote the pilot project of project quality insurance. Carry out the construction of high-quality engineering quality brands such as "Taishan Cup", "high-quality structure" and "provincial excellent survey and design". Vigorously promote the application of building information model (BIM) technology to improve the quality of survey and design. Strictly implement building energy conservation and green building standards, accelerate the creation of green ecological urban areas and towns, and promote green building materials and green construction modes. Vigorously develop prefabricated buildings. High quality planning, construction and transformation of urban and rural road transportation, heating, water supply, drainage, sewage treatment and underground integrated pipe gallery facilities, and accelerating the formulation of "seven changes" standards

promote the steady improvement of social governance and the quality of public services. We will comprehensively promote the standardization of government services. We will further deepen the reform of "releasing management services" and actively promote the standardization of administrative licensing procedures, services, site construction and management, supervision, inspection and evaluation. Improve the socialization of social governance and keep clean by law (it is best to clean after finishing the experiment every time); The level of governance, intelligence, specialization and standardization. We will improve the catalogue of public services, the standard system, and the basic public services, medical security, and elderly care service systems, improve the social assistance system, and comprehensively improve the level of service security

improve the quality of foreign trade. Cultivate new advantages in foreign economy with technology, standards, quality, brand and service as the core, and promote the transformation of foreign trade into high-quality and high-priced foreign trade and preferential import and export. Strengthen the promotion of quality and safety demonstration provinces of exported agricultural products, and improve the deep processing capacity and characteristic development level of agricultural products

promote the project to create new and old kinetic energy conversion power source

promote the construction of "Shandong standard". Accelerate the pilot work of national standardization comprehensive reform in Shandong Province, and promote the construction of comprehensive standardization. Widely carry out the "standardization +" action, and strive to build a new Shandong standard system to support high-quality development. Strengthen the cultivation of advanced standards, focusing on cultivating a number of international standards in the fields of new generation information technology, foundry machinery, high-speed motor cars, shipbuilding, household appliances, new materials and so on; Cultivate a number of national standards in high-end industrial fields such as high-end CNC machine tools and robots, marine engineering equipment, rail transit, electric power equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, high-performance medical devices, agricultural products fields such as wheat, corn, vegetables, aquatic products, forest products, livestock products, and Rural Revitalization fields such as the construction of beautiful villages and pastoral complexes; In 71 advantageous agricultural fields and 62 key manufacturing industrial clusters in the province, we will formulate a number of leading group standards and cultivate a number of standard "leaders". Accelerate the construction of "one product, one standard" project library, carry out "Taishan quality" certification, and promote the high-end quality brand

promote the construction of "Shandong quality". Comprehensively carry out the upgrading of quality management system, promote 30000 enterprises to complete the upgrading and revision of quality management system, and add 2000 enterprises with quality management system certification every year. Carry out special actions to improve the quality management of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote them to strengthen total quality management. Carry out modern enterprise management system, strengthen the quality concept of "full participation, process management and continuous improvement" and the "craftsman spirit" of excellence. Focus on helping 1000 large and medium-sized enterprises to introduce excellent performance management mode and cultivate quality benchmarks. Support and encourage 100 leading enterprises to strive for the China Quality Award and the provincial governor quality award, and give play to the exemplary and leading role of quality benchmarking enterprises

promote the construction of "Shandong brand". We should thoroughly implement the brand strategy, speed up the formulation of brand development plans, improve the "five high" development connotation of quality, efficiency, integrity, comparison, reputation and relevance, create "4+1" series brands of products, enterprises, industries, regions and geographical indications, and comprehensively promote the high-end quality brands. Implement the "ten thousand one hundred ten" brand cultivation plan, organize 10000 enterprises to carry out brand training, select 1000 large and medium-sized backbone enterprises by industry and region to implement brand creation activities, promote 100 leading backbone enterprises to build international famous brands, and cultivate more than 10 individual champions in each industry and field. Formulate general evaluation specifications for public brands such as "hospitable Shandong", "haopin Shandong", "Shian Shandong", "Houdao Shandong merchants", "Qilu lingxiudi brand agricultural products"

promote the construction of "honest Shandong". Establish and improve the quality supervision system and quality credit evaluation system in various fields, and implement the graded management of quality credit. Establish a quality credit red blacklist system, a joint punishment mechanism for quality dishonesty and a joint incentive mechanism for quality trustworthiness. Enterprises with subjective intent, serious circumstances or serious harmful consequences will be included in the "blacklist" of enterprises with serious quality dishonesty, and joint punishment will be implemented. For violators with obvious subjective malice and loss of moral bottom line, cobalt and nickel are strategic substances and are prohibited from market access for life according to relevant laws and regulations or relevant national regulations. Actively explore the application of blockchain technology in the construction of quality system, build a "Shandong quality chain" platform, and establish a product quality guarantee and product damage compensation system

at the same time, implement quality research projects to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. Give full play to the role of the government, industry, University and research fund as the "Big Dipper" innovation and entrepreneurship community, focus on key materials, parts, processes, design and manufacturing, organize and implement quality technology research and process improvement, strengthen the quality comparison with international high-quality products, and improve the quality level of the whole industrial chain

build a platform to create a strong support for high-quality improvement

strengthen the unified construction and management of national quality infrastructure such as measurement, standards, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, and create a solid technical support for the quality improvement of the province. Accelerate the establishment of a modern measurement system to support the development of strategic emerging industries, a new Shandong standard system covering all fields of economy and society, an authoritative and credible conformity assessment system, and a quality development service system in which the government and the market play a joint role, so as to promote the full release of the efficiency of quality infrastructure

support the construction of industrial measurement and testing centers for Jinan energy-saving household appliances, Qingdao environmental protection instruments, Dongying petroleum equipment, Yantai high-end chemical industry, Weifang acoustooptic devices, Weihai carbon fiber, etc; Accelerate the construction of Shandong standard Museum, Shandong standard big data center, national new and old kinetic energy conversion technology standard innovation base, national vegetable technology standard innovation base, national modern agricultural standardization service promotion and application platform, rural complex construction standardization demonstration and promotion platform, Shandong national standard technology evaluation center, etc; Support the construction of cloud computing, quantum communication and other detection capabilities in Jinan

support Qingdao National Marine equipment quality inspection center and Weihai national marine products inspection and testing center as leaders to build a "strong marine province" inspection and testing national innovation base

support the construction of testing centers in a number of key industries, regions and fields, such as Dezhou and Jinan sports products, Yantai high-end aluminum, Weifang internal combustion engine, Zibo new energy vehicles, Tai'an remanufacture, Weihai carbon fiber, Jinan graphene

carry out "Taishan quality" high-end certification with the core of promoting the high-end of quality brands. By 2020, 50 products and services will be certified in the fields of agricultural products, consumer goods, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, service industry and so on

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