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Shandong Lingong won the title of "national user satisfaction unit"

Shandong Lingong won the title of "national user satisfaction unit"

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recently, the results of the 2014 national earthwork machinery product user satisfaction evaluation survey were announced. With its outstanding performance in the field of after-sales service, Shandong Lingong won the title of "user satisfaction service unit". At the same time, the lg953n loader produced by Shandong Lingong Lg933l loading and temperature change are extremely important parameters for studying energy dissipation in fatigue process. Lg6225e excavator and lg933l excavator are rated as "national user satisfaction products"

Shandong Lingong won the title of "user satisfaction service unit"

three products of Shandong Lingong were rated as "national user satisfaction products"

the 2014 highly integrated user satisfaction evaluation survey of national earth moving machinery products was jointly organized by the user working Committee of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the national construction machinery and equipment user committee, aiming to promote the deepening of user satisfaction projects, Promote construction machinery enterprises to further improve product quality and provide better services for users

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has continued to improve product quality. Lg953n loader, lg933l loader and lg6225e excavator have been rated as "national user satisfaction products", which is an affirmation of the achievements made by Shandong Lingong in improving quality. At the same time, Shandong Lingong has also comprehensively improved its after-sales service. Through efforts, Shandong Lingong's service has been well-known in the industry. In order to provide a customer experience higher than the industry level and achieve the highest customer satisfaction under the same conditions, on September 3, 2014, Shandong Lingong released the service brand "full service for you". This service brand covers "full life cycle service", "360 degree full service system", "6+1 full service commitment" and other contents, marking the transformation of Shandong Lingong into a manufacturing service provider and the beginning of a big service era

Shandong Lingong is committed to creating maximum value for customers. The honor of "customer satisfaction service unit with high rigidity and good linear motion characteristics" and "national user satisfaction product" will encourage Shandong Lingong to continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services

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