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Opening of Shandong printing and packaging industry expo domestic printing giants gathered in Shandong

as an important activity of the ICIF, "meeting the ICIF - Shandong (International) printing and packaging industry expo" will open in Jinan today. The former will be positioned in the south of special products. 271 well-known printing machinery, equipment and paper manufacturers from nearly 30 provinces across the country participated in the exhibition

it is reported that Shandong Province is a major province in the printing and packaging industry, with a total of more than 6000 printing enterprises, including 274 publication printing license enterprises. The printing and packaging equipment in the province is advanced, with more than 30 corrugated board joint production lines and more than 60 ink printing slotting machines introduced. The five printing plants affiliated to Shandong Publishing Corporation have an annual color printing capacity of 3.6 million color orders. A large number of enterprises have achieved annual sales of more than 50million yuan, and several have exceeded 100 million yuan

the rapidly developing printing and packaging industry has a strong demand for machinery and equipment. According to reports, the exhibition area of this Expo is 14000 square meters, with 546 booths. Beiren group, Jiangxi Zhongjing group, Shanghai Ziguang group, Weifang Huaguang Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and other famous printing and packaging machinery enterprises at home and abroad all participated in the exhibition. He called the exhibition equipment of the Expo the first of the printing and packaging exhibitions in our province, and it was also the largest event in the same industry expo in China

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