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The representative conference of Shandong paper industry was held in Zibo City

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nth= "4" day= "20" islunardate= "false" isrocdate= "29.42false"> on April 20 and 22, the second member congress of the fifth Shandong paper industry association and the provincial paper industry conference were held in Zibo hotel. The conference was co sponsored by Shandong paper industry association, Bohui paper, Qifeng special paper and Qunxing paper, and co organized by Shandong Chenzhong light industry machinery, Shandong Guihe paper and Jingjin filter press

the meeting reviewed the 2010 and 2011 work plans of Shandong paper industry association, announced the commendation decision of the top ten enterprises and advanced enterprises in Shandong paper industry in 2010, and awarded medals. Zhao Wei, vice president and Secretary General of China Paper Association, made a report on the situation and development trend of the paper industry; Song Honglin, vice president of Shandong Light Industry Association and chairman of Shandong paper industry association, made a report on accelerating the pace of transformation and structural adjustment to create a new situation in the development of Shandong paper industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period; Lixuefeng, chairman of Shandong Qifeng Special Paper Co., Ltd., made a speech based on scientific and technological innovation and strive to be strong; The paper associations of Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces respectively introduced the development status of the paper industry and the development trend of the industry in the 12th Five Year Plan. During the meeting, Bohui, Qunxing paper industry, etc. had an exchange of experience. Chenzhong light industry machinery, Jingjin filter press, Xingxing machinery, etc. introduced the company's new products and technologies. The delegates visited Chenzhong light industry machinery, Bohui paper industry, Qunxing paper industry and other enterprises

facing the test of the continuous high prices of imported wood pulp and energy for more than a decade, the paper industry in Shandong Province has adjusted its strategy in time, actively explored the market, adhered to technological progress, scientific and technological innovation, worked hard at internal skills, paid close attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and efficiency increase, and went global for development. It has made significant progress in production, operation and industry development, and its output and main economic indicators have reached a new record high, ranking first in the country for 16 consecutive years, The goals and tasks of 2010 and the 12th Five Year Plan have been successfully completed, and a good momentum of healthy, stable and sustainable development has been maintained. In 2010, Chenming Group achieved a sales revenue of 22.1 billion yuan, and its economic indicators continued to rank first in the province; The paper production of Bohui group exceeded 1million tons, with a sales revenue of 15billion yuan and a total investment of 30billion yuan. The Jiangsu Dafeng pulp and paper, chemical, thermal power and wharf projects with continuous emergence of new products began construction; Qifeng A-share was listed, raising 1.536 billion yuan, becoming the highest price of domestic paper stock issuance

papermaking enterprises in Shandong Province have their own characteristics, advantages and highlights. While expanding and strengthening their main business, they have lengthened the industrial chain and vigorously developed afforestation. This formula clearly shows that if it is the torque of screws to fix upstream and downstream products such as chemical industry and green energy, they have actively explored construction projects outside the province and abroad, and have achieved excellent results

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