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Shandong Mobile Agricultural IOT application "greenhouse housekeeper" is popular

tick, a text message came, "it's time for ventilation." On the morning of April 23, 2012, Wang Jicheng, from Sanyuan village, Sunji street, Shouguang City, was conducting routine inspection in his vegetable greenhouse when he suddenly received a text message, "the temperature on the west side of your No. 1 shed is 36.3 degrees Celsius. In order to avoid adverse effects on the growth of small tomatoes, please take measures in time. At this time, the temperature outside the shed and the wind are suitable. It is recommended that you open the skylight and the waist vent for ventilation and cooling". After reading the text message, Wang Jicheng stood where he was and just pressed it gently. Then the ventilator on the shed wall automatically turned on the ventilation as if it could understand Wang Jicheng's instructions. What kind of device is it, so magical? Wang Jicheng said with a smile that he had installed a set of "greenhouse pipe is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity" system, which can easily complete the operation of automatic monitoring, automatic control, irrigation and fertilization by using the China Mobile Agricultural IOT platform

China's 12th Five Year Plan points out that it is necessary to change the mode of agricultural development, accelerate the development of modern agriculture, and promote the specialization, standardization, standardization and intensification of agricultural production and management. Shandong is a major agricultural province. In recent years, China Mobile Shandong company has given full play to the advantages of mobile communication in "real-time, personalized, interactive and extensive", actively promoted the application of IOT technology in agriculture, and launched intelligent agricultural management platforms such as "greenhouse housekeeper", to help farmers achieve professional and accurate agricultural production management, and help transform traditional agriculture into modern agriculture by means of informatization. The "greenhouse housekeeper" intelligent agricultural management system is composed of sensor equipment, transmission equipment and service management platform, which is highly integrated, small in size and full of functions. Through the sensor equipment installed in the greenhouse, real-time data such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and wind speed in the greenhouse are collected; Transmit the data to the service management platform through the mobile network, and then give the corresponding agricultural production suggestions, which are sent to farmers in the form of text messages; The system has remote diagnosis function, farmers will have the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation, and the crops with pest characteristics will be taken under the system sensor for shooting, and then automatically transmitted to the management platform through the mobile network, and the backstage experts will provide prevention and control suggestions; The system can be connected with the existing curtain rolling machine, micro irrigation and other equipment, and use the mobile terminal to realize the functions of automatic curtain rolling and automatic sprinkler irrigation in the greenhouse. With the greenhouse housekeeper, farmers can timely adjust the temperature, humidity, illumination and other indicators in the greenhouse by monitoring the operation of the vegetable greenhouse, so as to keep the crops in the best growth environment

Shouguang, Weifang, is a famous "hometown of vegetables" and one of the most important vegetable producing areas in China. The vegetable planting area is 800000 mu, the annual output of vegetables is 4billion kg, and the output value is 4billion yuan. China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Science and Technology Expo has been held for 11 consecutive sessions. At present, 105 greenhouses in Shouguang have been installed with Shandong Mobile's "greenhouse steward". By the end of 2012, 20000 greenhouses in Weifang will use "greenhouse steward"

"in the past, watering and fertilizing were all based on experience and feeling. Now, should melons, fruits and vegetables be watered? Should they be fertilized? How to maintain accurate temperature, humidity, light and carbon dioxide concentration? How to ensure the stability of graphene battery on demand? With the" greenhouse housekeeper ", it will report to you immediately. The humidity is 90%, 80% or 60%, for example. You can see what it is to confirm whether a material meets the required impact strength requirements. When watering and ventilating, you have a clear idea. In this way, you can realize rational and scientific planting. " Wang Jicheng said that since the installation of this instrument, the management of vegetable greenhouses has been much easier. Wang Jicheng is a vegetable grower in Sanyuan village, Sunji street, Shouguang City. His family has five vegetable greenhouses. He said that after the trial of "greenhouse housekeeper" in the second half of 2011, they used to ask for help when they were busy. Now the couple can get busy, which not only saves labor costs, but also increases vegetable production by about 10% over the first half of the year

in Binzhou, Binzhou Mobile has increased its cooperation with Binzhou Guofeng efficient ecological circular agriculture development Co., Ltd. at present, Binzhou Mobile has built an intelligent agricultural application platform for Guofeng agriculture, which has realized the monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity of some greenhouses, the monitoring of (soil) substrate temperature and humidity, and the real-time collection of carbon dioxide concentration and light data. Farmers can know these information in real time through computers

it is understood that as an important part of agricultural scientific and technological innovation, China Mobile Shandong company has vigorously promoted the application of agricultural IOT in the whole province, boosting the development of modern agriculture, promoting agricultural production and farmers' income. Volkswagen Jinan news

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