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Shandong papermaking 2019 academic annual meeting was held grandly in Dongshun group

release date: Source: Dongshun international

on October, 2019, scientists' views on TPU are not limited to this. Shandong papermaking 2019 academic annual meeting was grandly held in Dongshun group conference center. Caozhenlei, chairman of China papermaking society and director of China household paper professional committee, chenjiachuan, chairman of Shandong papermaking society and President (president) of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), Liu Yu, deputy secretary and county head of Dongping County, Wang Zefeng, deputy chairman of Shandong papermaking society, chairman of Shandong papermaking industry association and President of Shandong papermaking research and Design Institute, Chen Shuming, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Dongshun group, Liu Dejun, director of the Strategic Planning Institute of Shandong Academy of macroeconomic research, Zhao Zhendong, vice president and Secretary General of Shandong paper industry association, Zhang Jinsheng, vice president of Shandong paper society, Chen Fushan, executive director of Shandong paper society and Dean of School of marine science and bioengineering of Qingdao University of science and technology, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Shandong paper society Kong Fangong, executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of bio based materials and green paper making at Qilu University of technology, representatives from six vice chairman units including Chenming paper, Huatai Paper, sun paper, Century Sunshine Paper and Quanlin paper, as well as general managers and chief engineers of more than 30 paper making and related enterprises inside and outside the province, attended the event

in the afternoon of October 24, Shandong papermaking society held the second executive council meeting in 2019; At the "Dongshun night" welcome dinner, Chen Xiaolong, President of Dongshun group, delivered a toast. On the morning of October 25, the participating leaders, experts and guests visited the first and second districts of Dongshun Industrial Park, Dongshun clean energy project and Dongshun cultural center and took group photos

President Chen Jiachuan delivered a speech at the event, extended a warm welcome to all leaders and experts attending the Shandong paper making academic annual meeting, introduced in detail the basic situation of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), and said that the majority of paper making scientific and technological workers shoulder a new historical mission and must always adhere to the concept of green development and innovation driven, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry, Enter the right track of high-quality and healthy development

Mayor Liu Yu delivered a speech at the event. The school enterprise cooperation between Qilu University of technology and Dongshun group will help promote the rapid development of enterprises in the Asiana air crash and the development of Dongping economy, and will also play a positive role in promoting the development of Shandong paper industry. Dongping county Party committee and government will fully support the development of paper industry with more considerate, efficient and high-quality services. We firmly believe that with the full support of industry associations and societies, Dongshun Industrial Park will be built into a nationally famous tissue industry base

chairman caozhenlei made a wonderful speech around "the development review and challenges faced by the pulp and paper industry", director Liu Dejun made a special report around "how to view the current situation", and held a special lecture and technical exchange on the afternoon of the 25th

this meeting is in combination with Macro-economy 1 Firstly, the development of the tensile machine industry was examined and analyzed, and the hot topics such as "Application of thermal spraying in papermaking equipment" and "closed circulation technology of water for pulping and papermaking" were discussed. The content was rich and the form was novel, which was recognized by the leaders, experts and guest representatives that one of the components had to undergo a high-temperature process of 80 (1) 00 degrees Celsius, and the meeting was a complete success

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