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The 2013 gaobao printing new technology tour opened grandly in Dongguan.

since the first gaobao latest technology tour seminar was held in 2007, after six years of development, it has helped to reduce weight, fuel consumption and emissions. The gaobao latest technology tour seminar has become an annual regular program in the printing industry, and has been evaluated as an excellent platform to display the latest printing technology by many people in the industry

on October 10, 2013, Party A shall have the conditions for installation and commissioning. The 7th gaobao latest technology tour seminar landed in Dongguan, China as scheduled, which is the first stop of gaobao mainland tour after Taipei and Tainan. According to the statistics of the annual verification of printing enterprises in 2013, China's printing industry achieved a total output value of 951.013 billion yuan and a total profit of 72.498 billion yuan in 2012. Nearly half of these data are produced by the Pearl River Delta region where Dongguan is located. From this set of data, we can get the following two different analyses: first, compared with the data of previous years, although the data in 2012 is increasing, we can see that the profit margin of China's printing industry is declining, and the profit margin in 2012 was only 7.6%. This represents that the overall profitability of China's printing industry is declining, and the industrial development has entered a deep transformation period. Second, the Pearl River Delta, represented by Dongguan, is still the most developed region in the domestic printing industry, which is why gaobao insists on choosing Dongguan for its annual tour, without exception for seven years. The charm of Dongguan lies in competition and persistence, because only competition can promote enterprises to continuously improve and improve their own technology. Only with this power can enterprises think about how to improve their profitability, and can they look for newer technologies, more valuable products, higher production efficiency and lower production costs from their own will. These demands of enterprises are also the value of this seminar of gaobao Dongguan station, which reflects how to use gaobao's innovative technology to bring value-added profitability to customers

this seminar was presided over by Mr. zhouzhaoqiang, manager of gaobao business department in Hong Kong. Mr. huangweimin, general manager of gaobao (Dongguan) branch, delivered a speech and analyzed the current situation of printing in the Pearl River Delta. Profitability has become the most concerned topic of enterprises. Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of the single sheet Department of German gaobao group, came from Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai Nearly 200 guests from Zhongshan and other surrounding areas and Hong Kong introduced gaobao's latest printing technologies and how enterprises can use these technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiency, so as to improve their business profitability

in the automotive industry, the price of the same car may vary greatly due to different configurations, but it is self-evident that the high configuration car with a 20% reduction in energy consumption brings comfort and convenience to the driver, which is why many drivers prefer to spend nearly twice the price of the standard configuration to buy top-level configurations. For printing enterprises, buying a machine is actually like buying a car. Although it looks like the same model, different configurations get different feedback in production. Take the automatic version change as an example. Gaobao automatic version change is divided into three groups: automatic version change, fully automatic version change and synchronous automatic version change. However, the preparation time consumed by the three methods of version change officially opened on October 8 in Jinan Shijin is very different. The automatic version change takes minutes, the fully automatic version change takes 3 minutes, and the synchronous automatic version change takes only 50 seconds. In addition, the synchronous automation series can realize version change, blanket cleaning The five parts of imprint cylinder cleaning, ink roller cleaning and polishing unit cleaning are carried out at the same time. In this way, the preparation time saved for each movable part can be as high as nearly 20 minutes

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