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The new concept of environmental protection at the 2012 South China International corrugation exhibition [box home joy, paper for love] the creativity of the corrugation exhibition area came to the stage

nowadays, environmental protection has become an international topic and has penetrated into thousands of households. For this trend of environmental protection, conceptual exhibits and mass-produced products shoulder different responsibilities. Corrugated paper developed under the concept of environmental protection has gradually entered people's lives, leading the new trend of low-carbon environmental protection. Corrugated paper is made of superior kraft paper, with strong load-bearing capacity and good water resistance. In addition to the traditional function of making packaging cartons, ingenious designers and creatives have given it a new face and life. As a fixed asset, corrugated paper has been made into fashionable and elegant furniture products, or chic clothes cut in the window

the 2012 South China International corrugation exhibition introduced the concept of participating in environmental protection and delivering love. The corrugation exhibition area [box family fun, paper for love] jointly performed by Reed Exhibitions group, the exhibition organizer, and tri wall, the production supplier, will make a wonderful appearance at the exhibition

the co organizer of the event, Zhili, is an original Chinese brand that designs high-quality paper products with the concept of environmental protection. They hope to turn ordinary corrugated paper into a product full of creativity and selling well all over the world, while passing on a new concept of environmental protection. Chen Pai, creative director of paper processing, said that corrugated furniture is simple and practical. Users can assemble and match it at will according to their preferences, and it can be recycled. It is undoubtedly a model of low-carbon and environmental protection for the current multi-purpose metal materials used in joint implants to replace home life

corrugated creative furniture: high quality proposal of fashion life

corrugated paper is heavily dependent on resources. Therefore, the resource saving of corrugated paper is of great significance to the economic and environmental protection development of the whole carton packaging industry. Recycling is not only a modern concept in the carton packaging industry, but also a creative concept in environmental home design. More and more furniture and household products begin to use recycled materials, and paper furniture has been quietly rising in China due to serious air and water pollution in the roasting leaching process. Corrugated paper itself is recycled papermaking. Its most common use is product packaging and transportation packing. However, with the creative design and creation, they have changed and become a bright and unique modern life boutique

2012 South China International corrugation exhibition will be grandly held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from April 11 to 13. These creative life products will be grandly presented in the corrugation exhibition area of [box family joy, paper for love]. Designers use unique creativity to turn the most common and simple materials in daily life into unique daily necessities. In addition to showing the use functions of these corrugated products, the audience can also participate in close interaction, share the new concept of caring and environmental protection, and jointly build a beautiful vision of caring for the earth

driven and led by the global environment, as the largest packaging and printing exhibition in China, the 2012 South China International corrugation exhibition undoubtedly plays a positive guiding and exemplary role. Corrugated furniture has laid a strong point of improper use of materials for the furniture industry. Corrugated furniture has broken through the shackles of traditional wood furniture, with low cost and environmental protection. Household products, toys and decorations made of corrugated paper are full of modern creative design concepts, reflecting the concept of environmental protection, pollution-free and recycling. It is believed that in the near future, corrugated furniture will climb to a higher level of fashion life

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