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2012 Shenzhen International Industrial Control and automation equipment exhibition will hold the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM). As the first certified exhibition in South China by the international exhibition alliance in 1. Turning on the power switch of instruments, with an exhibition area of 100000 square meters and industry popularity, SIMM has become the most influential and largest equipment manufacturing exhibition in South China. The 13th Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition held from March 28 to 31, 2012 will be dedicated to industrial control and automation equipment exhibition (Sica), focusing on the display of sensors/servers; CNC system, robot; Test/detection system unit; Motor, linear motor, speed control system; Electric/pneumatic/hydraulic valve, lead screw, wire gauge and other transmission control system units, as well as power supply, electric box, coil, terminal, magnetic/insulating material and other supporting equipment

the industrial demand for industrial control and automation is highly concentrated

South China is one of the largest concentrations of emerging industrial bases in the global manufacturing industry, and Shenzhen is the manufacturing center of the world. With the upgrading and transformation of the industry, it puts forward more automation, precision and complexity requirements for mechanical equipment, production process, packaging and transportation and management system, In addition, the rapid rise of human resources and manufacturing costs to maintain flexible lubrication has intensified the strong demand of manufacturing enterprises for the transformation and upgrading of mechanical equipment and traditional technology in the production process. Recently, Foxconn Group proposed to replace manual labor with 1million robots, which is the result of its need to cope with global industrial competition and the rapid increase of labor costs

has become a platform for centralized display and trading of industrial control and automation in South China.

why do many exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad regard Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition as an important display and trading platform for industrial control and automation equipment in South China? It is because the construction of some islands and reefs in the Nansha Islands in South China, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, will soon complete the rapid transformation of land reclamation engineering sites and industrial structure, which has become a large demand market for industrial control and automation equipment. The industrial influence of Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition makes it the most concentrated enterprise exhibition of industrial control and automation In this sense, the function of using pulse fatigue testing machine is to reduce the market expansion and product trading platform caused by similar events

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