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2013 China (Eastern) plastic mold machinery equipment exhibition

2013 China (Eastern) plastic rubber, mold and machinery equipment exhibition

the2013china (Eastern) rubber, Plasticmoldandmechani these two kinds will account for 25% of the total global demand calequipmentexhibition

time: October 11-13, 2013

place: Lunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Linyi, China

guiding unit:

Shandong supply and marketing cooperative

Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce China material recycling association

Shandong Provincial Information Technology Professional Committee China Plastics processing industry association

supporting unit:

China Material Recycling Association

China Plastics Processing Industry Association of Shandong Information Technology Professional Committee

Linyi Municipal People's government


Shandong renewable resources association

Linyi Economic Development Zone Management Committee Undertaker:

Linyi supply and marketing cooperative


Linyi Geyi Media Co., Ltd.

supporting media:

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[exhibition overview]

◆ Linyi occupies a very important position in the field of renewable resources recycling in China. Among them, the trading volume of waste plastics ranks second in China. There are more than 10 specialized resource distribution markets and more than 5000 processing households in the city. The annual trading volume is more than 3.4 million tons, and the total annual trading volume is close to 42billion yuan

◆ Linyi is the capital of logistics and the second largest trade city in China. At the same time, it is the most important product distribution center in China. With a radius of 500 kilometers, it covers the markets in East and North China, ranking third among the top ten industrial markets in China

◆ as a central city in Southeast Shandong, the cohesion, radiation and driving force have been gradually improved. Linyi has made great efforts to cultivate seven pillar industries, namely machinery, building materials, plate, wood industry, medicine, chemical industry, textile and clothing, and has brought up the relevant "nine industrial production bases". It is an important bridgehead to open up the markets in Shandong and North China

◆ as a pilot city of "two oriented society", Linyi Municipal Party committee and government regard energy conservation, emission reduction and resource utilization as a major livelihood project to promote the transformation of mode and structure adjustment, and vigorously develop resource utilization, energy conservation and environmental protection industries

◆ exhibition scale: 30000 square meters/800 booths. At that time, more than 100000 visitors will communicate face-to-face with you and negotiate trade

government support, rich exhibition experience, systematic and powerful market promotion and publicity plans, and rich customer resources. With low-cost investment and high-efficiency harvest, it has lasting business opportunities and benefits, so that your product sales will expand rapidly, and the industry will gather more customers. It saves time cost, saves various expenses and marketing costs, enables you to understand the market, enables your products to quickly occupy the market, has limited exhibition period, infinite harvest, and is zero away from opportunities to jointly build a better future...

[exhibition scope]

◆ exhibition area of plastic and rubber products and plastic parts:

1) exhibition area of plastic and rubber handicrafts and children's toys; 2) Plastic commodity exhibition area; 3) Agricultural, forestry, sideline and fishery plastic products exhibition area; 4) Exhibition area of plastic and rubber building materials, pipelines and cables; Other exhibition areas: various automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic and electrical parts, mechanical parts, plastic packaging parts, etc. Domestic and foreign waste plastic and rubber suppliers, distributors, traders, domestic and foreign waste plastic granulation enterprises, plastic products or semi-finished waste plastic packaging, sorting, cleaning, crushing, drying, granulation and other recovery equipment

◆ rubber and plastic machinery and equipment exhibition area: injection molding machine, extruder, hollow molding machine, rubber mixer, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic granulator, calender, reclaimed rubber production equipment, rubber powder production equipment Plastic and rubber processing machinery and equipment; Silk screen printing, pad printing, bronzing, heat transfer printing, inkjet printing and other printing and packaging machinery and equipment; Testing instruments, test equipment and surrounding supporting equipment and parts, etc

1. The pressure of the pressure stabilizing valve spring is insufficient; ◆ plastic and rubber molds and equipment exhibition area: molds and mold products, mold standard parts, mold materials, plastic products, plastic raw materials, plastic machinery, tire turning equipment and rubber and plastic related technologies, CNC system and FMS flexibility have become urgent processing systems, cad/cam/cae technology, polishing technology and auxiliary equipment; Machining center, CNC lathe and mold testing equipment; Measuring equipment, tools, cutting tools, etc

◆ exhibition area of plastic raw materials and additives: various general rubber and plastic raw materials, engineering plastics, modified plastics, functional masterbatches, auxiliary materials, etc; Plastic and rubber products, reclaimed rubber products, reclaimed rubber powder products, various plastic pigments, dyes, masterbatches and other coloring masterbatches and coatings; Recycled PE, recycled PP, Recycled PVC, recycled ABS, recycled PS, recycled PET, recycled engineering plastics and other recycled plastics; Various chemical additives, additives, etc. Industry associations, industrial parks, industrial concentration areas, related consulting, certification, logistics, media and other related service industries

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