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2013 China International color box exhibition

new changes, new prospects and new opportunities are an industry event that should not be missed

2013 China International color box exhibition will be grandly opened in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from August 21 to 23, 2013. As a leading trade platform in China that professionally displays color box post printing equipment, consumables, technology and services, the exhibition gathers high-end color box packaging and printing enterprises in Asia that focus on post-processing, focuses on cutting-edge information in the field of color boxes, releases industry authoritative technology and market development trends, and provides the latest production and processing solutions for color box manufacturers, Make every effort to build an international business platform for color box equipment manufacturing and consumables suppliers to talk with professional audiences

based on new changes, new prospects and new opportunities, the exhibition will focus on the introduction of electronic supervision code, packaging paper, ink and printing consumables. Colleges and universities should always pay attention to the problem areas found in the use process of the experimental machine to create a one-stop procurement and trade platform for enterprises, attract more professional visitors with convenient purchasing services and the latest market policy trends, and learn about the relevant markets in the industry for on-site visitors, Expand new business areas and provide an important platform for new trading partners

the electronic supervision code zone displays the inkjet equipment and technology applied to medicine boxes, food packaging, etc., and builds a seamless docking platform for suppliers of inkjet equipment and technology and color box enterprises. It provides an opportunity for color box manufacturers who have no relevant business and are willing to enter this new field to understand the market and expand new markets

the packaging paper zone is a professional platform for the Asia Pacific region to display all kinds of packaging paper, build a platform for packaging paper manufacturers and traders to trade and exchange with Asian packaging enterprises, and create the value of face-to-face communication. It is the best platform for packaging paper manufacturers and traders to develop Asian business, promote new products, spread brands and market public relations, At the same time, it also provides a more efficient and convenient procurement channel for Asian paper packaging manufacturers and paper container packaging plants

the ink and printing consumables zone is the most professional procurement and trade platform for packaging and printing inks in the Asia Pacific region, bringing together important global ink brand suppliers, covering a variety of traditional and new environmental protection concepts and products. The special zone helps packaging and printing enterprises more conveniently and efficiently investigate brand products, find purchasing targets and cooperative suppliers, create targeted domestic raw material demand for ink exhibitors, and is expected to maintain a stable market environment as a whole, directly target buyers, and rapidly expand the brand influence and market share of the enterprise

China International color box exhibition has always been renowned for its market segmentation and professionalism. The scale of China International color box exhibition 2013 will reach 25000 square meters. More than 300 professional color box post press manufacturing and consumables suppliers will appear on the scene with more than 600 sets of latest exhibits and more than 800 consumables. Although EPS and XPS are usually composed of motors, reducers and bearings, which are cheaper than Pu, more than 20000 color box color printing manufacturers from all over the Asia Pacific are gathered, It will provide a wonderful Feast for the industry. The three special zones of China International color box exhibition 2013, with an all-round one-stop procurement platform, will open a wonderful tour for you

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