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On July 10, 2012, "fusion" 12 urban channel forum

ctiforum (Jiaqi): new services, win the world and start a new journey! From July to December 2012, the 2012 annual Heju, Juchang channel business forum will be held in 12 cities. Even if the selected mold structure is correct, Heju has a way to change, goes deep into the heart of the brand and the strength of partners, and starts the transformation journey of China unified communication

this is not just a party! It is a display platform closely following the theme of opportunities in the forefront of enterprise unified communication! It is a top-level brainstorming of China's communication products! It is a CEO group policy that will affect the growth curve of Chinese enterprises in the next 15 years, including Ningbo Institute, Institute of process, Institute of Oceanography, Institute of chemistry, Institute of physics and chemistry, national nano center, Suzhou nano Institute and North Materials Institute within the system of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Jinan Judian Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional call center system and service provider. Juxintong is a new generation of unified communication product brand launched by Judian technology. Its main businesses include 400 call centers, call center self construction, call center trusteeship, etc

juxintong is committed to working closely with telecom operators, information providers, industry service providers, channel distributors, etc. to jointly expand the market and provide customers with more in-depth and perfect services

400 call center: Communication terminology is the main called shared payment service. Telecom operators provide each customer with a 10 digit number starting with 400 that can be dialed nationwide in this part of consumer demand, as the customer's unique access code

400 main functions after upgrading: call details report function, CRM management function, work report number and evaluation function, web800 page function, group RBT function, IVR voice navigation function, answering area setting function, answering time setting function, call recording function, voice message function, blacklist setting function, enterprise switchboard function, e-fax function, SMS function, industry portal switchboard function Call center hosting function, etc

juxintong call center is self built: a multimedia distributed comprehensive information service platform based on the national architecture, which adopts the new generation communication technology and integrates with the Internet. It has the characteristics of high reliability, fault tolerance, high call capability and strong flexibility. It is a new generation of telecom operation level call center based on the latest report of market research

juxintong call center trusteeship is a SaaS type call center. It is a large-scale professional call center established by Jinan Judian, and provides comprehensive services such as 7*24-hour maintenance and upgrading. Just rent juxintong trusteeship agent products, you can obtain an enterprise call center with a 400 customer service number. At a low price, you can realize the function of self built call center, so that enterprises can have similar functions as ICBC 95588 Telecom 10000 call center dream come true

400 call center:

400 call center station:

China enterprise unified communication innovation and application 2012 fusion 12 city channel business forum

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