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Ecological board is the mainstream board used in the decoration market at present. It is characterized by convenient processing without painting, novel and beautiful design and color types, and outstanding performance in environmental protection

ecological board is the mainstream board used in the decoration market at present. It is characterized by convenient processing without painting, novel and beautiful design and color types, and outstanding performance in environmental protection. But consumers often ask a question: why do these eco boards look the same, but the price difference is so large

today, baidibao, one of China's top ten plate brands, will tell you in detail the reasons for the large price difference of eco board

baidibao health board brand analyzes the reasons for the large price difference of ecological board from the source:

first, the board substrate of ecological board:

the board substrate of ecological board refers to the board core

take the large core board as an example, the wood used for the base material between them is divided into six levels: A, AB, ABC, B, BC and C. among them, the A-level core is of high quality, and the A-level core is free of stuttering, decay, bending and end cracking both inside and on the surface. The quality of wood decreases from a to C, and the price cost of different grades of board cores will also decrease in turn. In this way, there will be cost price differences in the purchase of board substrates, resulting in different prices of ecological boards

as a board manufacturer, baidebao health board brand always believes that "reducing material costs and luring profits with low prices" is not desirable. Because the service life of home decoration products will basically reach more than ten years, which is a test of the quality and quality of the board. In order to covet profits for a while, reduce costs and sell inferior boards to consumers, such consequences can only make the industry vicious circle. Improve quality, strictly control quality, and use high-quality materials to make high-quality products, which is the reason why baidibao plate is recognized by consumers

II. Decorative ink paper of ecological board:

generally, there are two kinds of ecological board stickers, which are called ink melamine paper and color paste paper respectively

ink paper is mainly used by more and more large plate manufacturers in the industry for its bright colors, easier access to log texture, no fading, high fidelity, wear resistance and other advantages, and its overall performance is also outstanding in practical applications. Therefore, many first-line brand manufacturers in the market are using ink paper as the finishing material of ecological board

compared with ink paper, the overall color performance of color paste paper is inferior, and its performance in abrasion proof, moisture-proof, waterproof and other aspects is also unsatisfactory. Therefore, the price of these two kinds of paper will be as much as a dozen yuan in the production cost. Therefore, the choice of eco board paper is also an important factor affecting the cost and price of the board

III. production technology and process of ecological board:

the quality of a board not only affects the selection of materials, but also needs to be carefully considered in the production process

in the production process of eco board, in addition to R & D and material procurement, dozens of production links such as screening, hot pressing, cold pressing, aging and veneering are also particularly important. On the basis of process technology, labor cost and each production link are also one of the main factors accounting for the cost of eco board. Reducing production links and labor costs has become a way for some manufacturers to obtain high profits and reduce production costs; But correspondingly, after reducing production links and costs, the quality of the produced plates will also change, resulting in quality problems, which makes consumers very worried. Therefore, as a plate manufacturer, in order to obtain profits to reduce production costs that should not have been reduced, it is not desirable

about the process of eco board, baidibao health board has something to say: at present, many brands in the market are mainly based on substitute processing, so the check on the production link of board is relatively not implemented, which is prone to quality problems. Therefore, we suggest that when choosing board decoration, consumers should not only examine the brand popularity and service, but also examine whether the brand can start from the production source of product quality to ensure product quality, so that we can use reassuring home decoration board products

IV. environmental protection of ecological board:

now many consumers pay special attention to the environmental protection of boards

gb18580-2017 formaldehyde emission limit in wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration materials, which was implemented on May 1, stipulates that the formaldehyde emission limit is 0.124mg/㎡, and the limit label is E1, which cancels the E2 level of the original standard

simply put, after the implementation of the new regulations on wood-based panels, the original E2 grade wood-based panels can no longer be produced and sold. The previous three cumbersome wood-based panel detection methods are also simplified to one, that is, one cubic meter climate box detection method. There is only one standard for formaldehyde emission limit, that is, it cannot exceed 0.124mg/㎡. E0 grade (≤ 0.5mg/l), which often appears in the market, appears as a recommended standard in plywood (gb/t9846.1-9846.8) and is not mandatory

in this era of fierce market competition and gradual upgrading of manufacturing industry, product quality and service are the first elements of brands and enterprises

the consumption level is constantly upgrading, and the information flow is more rapid and convenient. If any enterprise wants to develop in the long term and gain a foothold in the market, it must start from the root. To make every board well and satisfy consumers is the original intention of baidibao health board brand and the significance of brand existence

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