Smart wardrobe top 10 technology leaders

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1. International design shangpengtang smart wardrobe adopts the world's advanced equipment. The design center in Taiwan brings together the new thinking of three top design bases in Hong Kong, Japan and Milan to promote the design of smart wardrobe to China. 2. Pleasing to the eye, equipped with infrared induction light, bid farewell to the day of "treasure hunting" in the pile of clothes, open the cabinet door, open the surprise in your heart, colorful colors show in front of you, happy and fashionable at will. 3. Quality assurance focuses on a higher vision and integrates global resources. It has formed strategic alliances with global famous manufacturers such as American via, Austrian grass, German egger wood industry group, German heitisch, German Renolit, and takes it as its responsibility to constantly create and improve the quality of life and fun of global families. 4. Fashion talents love beauty and show their hearts. Electronic photo frames realize your wishes. Beauty always asks "magic mirror". The electronic photo frame can be stored into tens of millions of matching schemes. With it, there is no need to be annoyed by monotonous matching, and thousands of colors paint your mood. 5. It is impossible for space masters to excavate. With smart push-pull basket design and "proper" clothing placement, they become space masters, teach material receiving skills to relatives and friends, and share space creativity. 6. The encryption electronic lock intelligent technology creates a private space, which is equipped with the electronic lock of the cabinet door, the motor clutch drive, the full-automatic unlocking, and the watchband key. After professional design, the appearance is luxurious and generous. The door lock adopts two fixing methods: self tapping screw and prying, which is simple, convenient and firm, with music prompt for unlocking and low power consumption. 7. The intimate design is equipped with hydraulic door hinge, and the cabinet door is automatically closed after being pushed gently, which saves worry and trouble; The hydraulic design reduces the impact force between the cabinet doors, prolongs the service life of the cabinet and makes it more comfortable to use. 8. The touch electronic photo frame combines digital technology, and millions of fashionable clothes and accessories can be matched at will. From now on, you don't have to worry about falling behind in fashion, and show a good mood every day. 9. The automatic lifting clothes hanger is easy and convenient. The automatic lifting clothes hanger can help you say goodbye to the problem of picking up things from high places. With just a touch, you can make clothes from high places "actively" close to you, and placing clothes is absolutely safe and convenient. 10. The three in one series of electronic drying wardrobe products are the perfect combination of drying clothes, disinfection, sterilization and aromatherapy. In terms of appearance design, the computer control panel is embedded in the surface of the wardrobe, which highlights the cutting-edge home life taste of modern technology. The regulation of clothes drying temperature and time allows your beloved clothes, whether silk, cotton or leather, to be protected by the appropriate drying temperature





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