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How to choose the floor to look good with the furniture? Do you use dark or light colored floors? These are the questions that many customers have when choosing flooring, especially when they encounter customers with "choice difficulty", which has become a eternal problem. Next, the small editor of Shenyang solid wood flooring will come to you

when choosing the floor color, we should not only choose according to personal preferences, but also combine the indoor environment and furniture

1. Determine the style you want to present indoors. Light colored floors can be considered for a warm and simple style; Stable and luxurious style, you can consider choosing darker floors

2. Choose the floor according to the degree of lighting. Dark and light colored floors can be considered in rooms with good lighting, while light colored floors can be tried in rooms with poor lighting to make the room look brighter visually

3. In terms of color matching, light colored furniture can be matched with floors of different depths, and floors with warm colors will appear clean; Dark furniture is not recommended to match with dark floors, which will give people a depressing feeling for a long time

4. You can also match floors of different styles and colors to the room according to the elderly and children

Shenyang haikuo Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive household manufacturing enterprise integrating whole house customization, research and production of flooring and wooden doors. After more than 20 years of development, it has accumulated rich experience in the production of wooden furniture. It has won the title of provincial and municipal excellent enterprise for more than 10 consecutive years, and has won nearly 20 national patents, among which the most representative diatom aldehyde patent breaks the traditional environmental protection concept in the industry, Take the lead in proposing "a breathing furniture" to promote household production to a more humanized production height

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