Local decoration bathroom mosaic excellent perform

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Partial decoration bathroom mosaic excellent performance

the red mosaic with similar colors but different colors pulls out a bright color band at the waist line of the bathroom and becomes the highlight of the area. The partial decoration of the mosaic avoids the excessive monotony of the pure color system, and also makes the bathroom full of personality

the black matte mosaic shows a faint color, which is applied to the mysterious purple background wall, bringing out a noble elegance of bright jewelry with evening dress, rendering the exotic style of this bathroom to the extreme

the mosaic of asexual and mixed colors extends slowly from the wall to the ground, easily creating a gradient effect of thick on the top and light on the bottom. The black-and-white tinting creates this quiet bathroom space, which also makes the use of color more flexible

using mosaics with light refraction effect, three love shaped patterns are formed on the wall of the bathtub (decoration effect picture), which makes this bathroom with a deep tone bright

through computer jigsaw technology, mosaic of different colors is arranged on the wall to form two lifelike daisies, and the dew drops on the petals that want to roll down appear so real




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