Every child should have an exclusive children's ro

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Children's world is naive and interesting. Their nature makes them curious about the world. Strong curiosity makes them more willing to explore this colorful world and better cultivate their creativity

children's world is naive and interesting

their nature

makes them curious about the world

strong curiosity

makes them more willing to explore this colorful world

can better cultivate their creativity

designer commentary

canoya children's room series

let children explore the unknown in the color space

happy and healthy growth

Princess powder Lemon yellow

the simple and warm design of the children's room makes the children feel more belonging. The pink princess powder, the warm lemon yellow, and the warm bedroom reveal full warmth, making the children feel more secure when sleeping alone

there are rest areas, play areas and learning areas in the children's room, so that children can give full play to their creativity and explore the secrets of the world in this small world

Tianhu blue

for active children, what they need is Tianhu blue, which can adjust their excitement and calm their restlessness. The setting of basketball frame can just let children exercise in time and release their restlessness

the embedded wardrobe, desk and bookcase make the space layout more reasonable and more convenient and safe when shooting on the right. The combination of work and rest can better stimulate children's creativity and imagination

green grass

vibrant green grass, fresh and lively, can better stimulate the inner vitality and innocence of introverted and quiet children

quiet and introverted children are generally good at observing things. The floating window in the bedroom just allows them to observe the surrounding things and the scenery outside the window

Xiao Ka said

we should all let children keep their nature

grow up healthy and happy

furniture of kanoyan aldehyde

let children not be troubled by formaldehyde

good body

only then can they grow up happily





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