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Store image is brand image. Odic doors and windows create a thrilling store image, attract more consumers to stop, and comprehensively convey the deep concept of the Nordic high-end safety doors and windows brand

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next, let's get to the point and start Xiaodi's sharing today! Walking in the CBD center of the city, the unique designs of those luxury flagship stores can always attract people to stop. These designs are far more luxurious than the products sold inside. Each building is unique. If one word is used to describe them, it is "eye-catching", which is exactly the effect that designers want to achieve

Dior boutique in Seoul, South Korea

in a corner of Jiangnan District, Seoul, a building by French designer Christian? Designed by Debao sanbuck, American designer Peter? Marino carries out interior decoration in the boutique of Dior, a fashion brand. The six storey building is surrounded by huge white panels like petals, reflecting the enduring influence of this luxury brand on the fashion industry

shengxilang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

located in Kuala Lumpur, the shengxilang project covers an area of 40000 square meters, with light steel and glass skin showing a crystal like surface morphology. A corner space with three floors of ceiling is the flagship store of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The design of the space highlights the classic and exquisite characteristics of the brand itself

Armani flagship store in Tokyo, Japan

Armani flagship store in Tokyo, the glass facade is completely integrated with the outline of Ginza sky as the background, and the surface reflects the sky and surrounding buildings. Different lights and colors run through day and night. Elegant leaf shaped lights walk outside the building, adjusting the density and color according to the changes of day and season

China Shanghai baozi flagship store

at the intersection of Nanjing West Road and Changde Road in Shanghai, a building with glass blocks on the outer wall attracts people's attention. This is the flagship store of the fashion brand baozi designed by the Canadian uufie design team. "Enjoy a trip in the Sahara desert in the morning and have dinner in New York in the evening" has created a facade that can reflect a forward-looking vision for the flagship store in Shanghai, hoping to arouse the story of the origin of the brand and its growth process over the past 50 years

Hermes store in Chengdu, China

located in Chengdu ocean Swire, Hermes store covers an area of 830 square meters and has two floors of space, like a light box made of translucent marble. The outer wall is covered with a 5mm thick glass curtain wall through innovative technology to provide sufficient natural light for the store. Even at night, passers-by can get a glimpse of the scenery in the store in the distance. The exclusive store outlines the three-dimensional outline of the whole building with a vertical and smooth light gold metal structure, highlighting the flexible atmosphere

store image is brand image. Major fashion and luxury brands have taken great pains in the design and decoration of flagship stores, and strive to turn traditional physical stores with shopping as the core into experience spaces with a sense of design. Odic doors and windows create a thrilling store image, attract more consumers to stop, and comprehensively convey the deep concept of the Nordic high-end safety doors and windows brand

odick Ou Di Ke

"odick" storefront image


as the saying goes, "people rely on clothes, and Buddha on gold". Terminal stores, which carry all the information of the brand, are the most powerful brand display window. Store image management is very important. It is one of the most important factors affecting store performance. The overall appearance image of the store directly affects the entry rate. Odic doors and windows grasp the psychological needs of consumers with an attractive terminal image, bring intuitive brand value to dealers, and maintain differentiation advantages with other competitive brands

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for quality of life is also changing, and has transitioned from simple material consumption to enjoyable consumption. Odic doors and windows adopt the industry-leading experience store design concept, and have ulterior motives in every detail design from product design, soft decoration display, shopping area, etc. the layout and display in the store are simple and clear, and the functional areas are clearly divided, so that people can feel a comfortable and natural shopping environment and atmosphere when entering the store, and create a simple and comfortable terminal store image

if a good product lacks the collocation of soft clothing, it will reduce the "value" of the product and reduce the competitiveness of the product in the market. Odic doors and windows, the store image is high-end and atmospheric, and the decoration details are exquisite, which is more in line with the preferences of current consumers. Consumption is upgrading, brands are upgrading, and the store image naturally needs to be upgraded. The image standard of Odic doors and windows store is jointly designed by professional space designers, and flexible modifications are made according to the characteristics of stores in each region, so as to be more in line with the actual situation of local operations

image of Odic doors and windows store

the image of Odic doors and windows store is simple and atmospheric, with Nordic style positioning, integrating modern international trends, and creating a shopping environment full of fashion. The soft colors and simple lines create a relaxed and warm feeling at home, which can not only attract the attention of more customers, but also allow customers to enjoy the fun experience brought by shopping

odic people who are persistent in the pursuit of perfection have never stopped their pace of excellence. Over the past 15 years, odic doors and windows has improved its brand comprehensive ability in many aspects, such as product process manufacturing, product R & D and design, and brand image upgrading. Always adhere to creating quality with ingenuity, make good use of every detail of doors and windows, give back to consumers with high-quality products, meet customers' and consumers' personalized customization needs, and become a high-quality door and window system provider




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