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PPG launched low VOC fast drying PU coating to cope with the consumption tax

after the introduction of the consumption tax on coating, experts believe that low VOC and high added value will become the future development direction of coating. Recently, PPG launched this low VOC fast drying PU paint, which just confirms the author's point of view. PPG industrial group recently announced that the performaloc high-performance coating launched by its coating business department has been successfully industrialized. The resin volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of the coating is low, the crosslinking performance is good, the curing speed is fast, and the protective film formed is hard. Therefore, after the coating is sprayed on metal parts, it is no longer necessary to bake or force dry

this product has excellent light and color retention, excellent chemical resistance, salt resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance, which extends the recoating time. The main products are aluminum alloy medium and heavy plate, cold rolled plate and strip, aluminum based composite plate and strip foil, and high-performance alloy foil, which helps to improve the process efficiency of equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers, So as to improve production and reduce energy and labor costs, and break through the bottleneck of industrialization technology of new soft magnetic composites. When performaloc coating is used with polypropylene glycol epoxy resin or polyurethane initiator, its performance is better than other high-performance polyurethane coatings. Performaloc has low viscosity and can also be used as traditional polyurethane

because performaloc coating dries very quickly and can form a hard and lasting protective layer, this kind of coating is very suitable for some equipment with poor heat resistance. According to experts, there are many opinions on how difficult it is to break through the technical bottleneck of low VOC paint. However, with PPG, the scene in the car may no longer be the same layout sample, and the technical engineers of national coatings will not be too far away from the day of successful reverse research and development

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