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PPG seeks EPA approval for antiviral coating containing Corning technology

PPG seeks EPA approval for antiviral coating containing Corning technology

on November 18, 2020

Corning announced a new breakthrough in glass ceramic technology

according to the test method approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this process requires a 75% reduction in energy consumption containing Corning guardian ™ Of paints and coatings have been shown to kill 99.9% of sars-cov-2 (the virus that causes covid-19)

these tests are the first to demonstrate a highly durable antibacterial coating against sars-cov-2. Even after six years of simulated scrubbing test, the proven antibacterial effect is still effective. These tests are designed to show that the surface may be cleaned over time

Wendell P. weeks, chairman and CEO of Corning, said, "we strive to create an innovative early summer season that will make the world a better place." "Our scientists have developed this unique coating additive using our highly engineered glass-ceramic technology. We are excited about the new laboratory results and look forward to working with our valuable partner PPG."

Corning is cooperating with PPG because of its cooperation with Corning guardian ™ The coating products prepared together are seeking EPA registration

Corning Guardiant ™ The copper contained has been proved to have antibacterial effect when applied to the surface, which can continuously reduce the bacteria in contact

Corning Guardiant ™ It can maintain the most effective copper form to reduce harmful bacteria

this technology and market opportunity complement Corning's extensive expertise in the field of materials science

Corning is currently cooperating with the world's leading paint and coating manufacturers, including PPG, to develop Corning Guardian that meets government and regulatory requirements ™ Products

with the approval of EPA, PPG's antiviral coating products will be based on copper armor ™ The name of is provided. Before the United States makes a claim against harmful bacteria such as sars-cov-2, the finished products containing Corning guardian must be registered in the United States EPA

Michael H. McGarry, chairman and CEO of PPG, said, "PPG is honored to cooperate with Corning to continue to innovate and create solutions that meet customers' greatest needs." "We know better than ever that our customers are seeking multi-layer protection in response to the covid-19 pandemic. After registration with the EPA, we look forward to launching a coating product containing Corning guardian in the coming months to provide customers with additional protection from coronavirus in areas with high health risks."

Then remove the wrapping paper and the tied string.

Dr. Luisa ikner recently obtained the test results of sars-cov-2 containing Corning Guardian paint in the laboratory of Professor Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona

follow the recommendations of the United States EPA, that is, the test method should simulate the use conditions of antibacterial surface materials to seek the requirements for harmful bacteria, and then the laboratory adopts strict test methods to simulate dry and invisible actual pollution

in addition to the results of sars-cov-2, Corning also published a report on Corning guardian ™ , which proved that other bacteria and viruses with an efficiency of more than 99.9% were killed within two hours, including Gram-positive bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus), negative bacteria (such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and non enveloped viruses (such as norovirus, which is the most difficult to kill in terms of its sensitivity to disinfectants)

coatings containing additives (such as silver and zinc) can pass the traditional "wet" pollution test method, but perform poorly under dry test conditions. The scientific literature points out that coatings containing organic antibacterial agents (such as "QUATs") have limited efficacy against non enveloped viruses

contains Corning Guardian ™ The coating has obvious effectiveness under wet and dry test conditions

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