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PPG promotes innofiber's new series of fiberglass

6 Automatic preservation of tensile stripping experimental machine: the end of the experiment, PPG industrial thermoplastic composites in the United States are increasingly used by the aerospace industry as a manufacturing light-weight company. The glass fiber division recently held a technical lecture on its innofibe automatic measurement of R (R) special glass fiber series at the 2012 composite Annual Conference in Las Vegas, the United States, and the 2012 European JEC exhibition in Paris, France

the company introduced the main advantages of innofiber special glass fiber and the recent laboratory test results at its glass fiber research and development center in Shelby, North Carolina through the use of this technology. These test results of untwisted roving made of innofiber glass composition and special glass fiber wetting agent show that the new series of products exceed the corrosion resistance and modulus limit of standard E glass fiber

it is reported that innofiber special glass fiber expands the performance boundary of traditional glass fiber reinforced materials. Innofiber CR boron free glass fiber has excellent corrosion resistance in acid environment, while innofiber XM glass fiber with high modulus has better stiffness and lighter weight, which is beneficial to the end use of high orientation reinforced fiber

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