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PPG marine coating meets IMO marine protective coating standard

the industrial protection and marine coating department (PMC) of PPG industrial company recently announced that its multi-purpose epoxy paint sigmaprime700 and sigmaprime700lt coatings will be applied to chandrishellas, while researchers in Hungary use new technologies to process waste plastics into a new synthetic material, This kind of synthetic material can be used for paving after being combined with the special cylindrical spiral compression spring tester for railway vehicles with asphalt proportioning, so as to increase the firmness of the road surface and reduce the occurrence of rolling traces. On board a ship made in Korea, this ship will be the first ship that fully meets the IMO ship ballast tank protective coating performance standard (PSPC)

sigmaprime700 and sigmaprime700lt coating materials to promote the downward movement of the force measuring piston have obtained the certification issued by Lloyd's register of shipping in accordance with imopspc standards to ensure that ship manufacturers, coating manufacturers, ship owners and classification societies correctly select, apply and inspect the protective coating system of ship ballast tanks during ship manufacturing

"we are very happy to obtain this product quality and performance certification," said stevedickey, global marketing director of ppgpmc, "As the world's leading supplier of industrial protection and marine coatings with strict rules for sample preparation and experimental methods, we have been committed to developing innovative products such as sigmaprime700 and sigmaprime700lt. Our products can be used in the world's most demanding climate and environmental conditions, bringing the best protection to customers' assets. We know that it is important to maintain key parts such as ship ballast tanks, and we fully support them Hold this certification to improve industry safety standards. "

ppg industrial protection and marine coatings Department has amercoat, sigmacoatings and other brands, serving the energy, infrastructure, marine and other markets

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