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PPG launched vibrance collection waterborne medium primer

on July 22, 2011, the automotive touch up paint division of PPG industries, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) in stratesville, Ohio, recently launched vibran cecollecti1 Eliminate the influence of injection molding machine and mold factors. From the day when it was established to today, this database has grown larger and larger. N (R) "ten thousand color change" new intermediate primer. Vwm5556 water-based intermediate primer is a new product specially designed to cooperate with PPG environment-friendly water-based primer system envirobase (R) high-performance water-based primer and nexa auto color (R) aquabase (R) plus water-based primer. The equipment outside the warranty period fails in the process of use

waterborne intermediate primer

vibration collection "ten thousand color change" touch up paint coating system can provide a wide range of customized colors, special effect colorants and pigments. For coating technicians who want to give full play to the advantages of these products, vwm5556 water-based bottom color is a real water-based coating solution

"this new intermediate primer is another important component of a complete water-based paint system." Steve Lehner, high-end product manager of PPG touch up paint, said. "Vwm5556 water-based intermediate primer is a major technological progress for automotive manufacturers pursuing personalization, because this product provides them with a new form of developing and applying special pigments. Previously, this kind of pigment can only be applied in the form of solvent based paint."

as a multifunctional intermediate coating in the color paint system of PPG aqueous primer electronic universal tensile machine measurement system, vwm5556 aqueous primer plays a "bridge" role in the three coatings of touch up paint, which is helpful to create pigments with special effects. At the same time, this multi-functional primer product can also be used as a "transparent protective layer" for special customized graphics and effects to create a more obvious depth and outstanding appearance. In addition, the curing time of vwm5556 waterborne primer is very short and the operation is very simple

lehner said that the company expected that the excellent characteristics of vwm5556 water-based intermediate primer would make it the best choice to use water-based touch up paint to create popular colors and special effects

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