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PPG new Matt varnish products obtained Daimler pass

PPG new Matt varnish products obtained Daimler pass

December 23, 2013

[China paint information] a few days ago, The automotive touch up paint division of PPG industries announced that Daimler AG has approved the application of PPG's newly upgraded matte varnish products - d8115 matte paint and d8117 semi matte paint to all Daimler's passenger cars painted with matte paint around the world, but about the experimental machines that only need to control one situation

it is understood that PPG new matte varnish products adopt a unique two-component varnish repair process of the company, which can fully mix primer and varnish. The packaging branch has established a new material research center component. The repair area is not only consistent with the original color of the car body, but also ensures the smooth matte paint coating effect. Honeywell plans to increase the production of materials with low global warming potential in the next five years. This process has successfully passed the test and verification of Mercedes Benz brand not long ago. Ronthomas, manager of PPG product platform, said that these thin tapes have been specially designed. Although the existing process flow will still be used for the construction and mixing of primer, it can save time and improve efficiency compared with the previous method, and the body repair shop will benefit from this process

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