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PPG showed glass fiber and coating for wind turbines at the Asian Wind Energy Conference

at the 6th Asian Wind Energy Conference and International Wind Power Asia 2009 held in Beijing earlier this month, (5 points should be 50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN) PPG showed its latest glass fiber reinforced materials developed for the wind energy market, including the technical index information of nearly 1million products from more than 800 enterprises around the world and more than 46000 copies of UL yellow card information, blade coating, tower coating and services

PPG advanced glass fiber and coating technology can improve the working efficiency, performance and service life of key wind power generation components. PPG blade coating can prolong the service life of fan blades and improve their performance at the same time. For example, the latest generation of aue-80000 blade coating launched by PPG has excellent durability, high toughness, corrosion resistance, sand corrosion resistance, rain corrosion resistance and low temperature performance, which can effectively protect the blades from erosion. At present, the color matching process of aue-80000 products has begun in China

ppg glass fiber provides a variety of glass fibers for the global fan blade market. Among them, the newly developed Hybon 2026 glass fiber is produced in the United States and Sinoma Pompeii Jinjing Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. (a joint venture between PPG and Sinoma Jinjing Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.) located in Zibo, China. This product is specially designed for the broad new energy market. It is compatible with epoxy resin, vinyl ester, polyester and other resins, and can achieve maximum adhesion

According to Cheryl Richards, marketing manager of PPG's global wind energy team, PPG is working hard to improve its manufacturing capacity in China and provide high-performance glass fiber and coating products to customers in the local wind energy market. "In 2008, China has become the second largest wind power market in the world. We have seen that the market is pursuing larger wind turbines, which undoubtedly requires suppliers to provide high-performance materials. We are just able to provide suitable technology to support this development trend.

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