Common equipment for maintenance of the hottest de

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Common equipment for dehumidifier maintenance

2 drying oven 1 ~ 2 (m/100 ℃) for storing parts

3 drying oven 100 ~ 200 (l/200 ℃) for drying parts

4 portable charging machine 1 ~ 2kg for out door maintenance

5 portable charging machine 3 ~ 5kg for maintenance station

6 gas welding equipment welding pipeline

7 AC welding machine welding support

8 nitrogen cylinder 50 ~ 100L pressure test and sensor are the washing system of electronic components class 1 "br"

9 refrigerant cylinder 50 ~ 100L refrigerant "br"

10 portable gas welding box for out door maintenance "br"

11 portable tool box for out door maintenance "br"

12 portable instrument box for out door maintenance "br"

13 the experimental material made by the system is used for system cleaning by the trial flushing equipment of the downstream manufacturer "br"

common tools for air dehumidifier maintenance "br"

name, specification and use "br"

1 quick connector φ 5~ φ 10mm "br"

2 light pipe connector for evacuation and fluorine filling φ 5~ φ 10mm is equipped with "br"

3 service valve for evacuation and fluorine filling detection. Then how can we calibrate and adjust the force measurement system of the tensile testing machine? The specific operation steps are as follows:

4 three-way valve rotary core evacuation and fluorine filling use "br"

5 pipe clamping pliers to clamp capillaries use "br"

6 sealing pliers φ 5~ φ 10mm fluorine filled process pipe sealing "br"

7 pipe expander pipe expander "br"

8 pipe expander punch expanding cup mouth "br"

9 manual Bender Bending copper pipe "br"

10 spring bending copper pipe for this entrepreneurial difficulty "br"

11 manual cutting knife cutting "br"

12 adjustable wrench installation "br"

common instrument for air dehumidifier maintenance "br"

name, specification and purpose "br"

1 pressure gauge 0 ~ 1.6Mpa for refrigeration system "br"

2 pressure gauge 0 ~ 2.4Mpa for refrigeration system "br"

3 composite pressure gauge -0.1 ~ 1.0MPa to measure suction pressure "br"

4 vacuum gauge -0.1 ~ 0mpa to vacuum and measure vacuum degree "br"

5 glass thermometer -30 ~ 50 ℃ general temperature measurement "br"

6 thermistor thermometer -50 ~ 100 ℃ temperature measurement "br"

7 dry Wet bulb thermometer -20 ~ 45 ℃ to measure dry and wet bulb temperature "br"

8 impeller anemometer to measure wind speed below 3m/s "br"

9 universal multimeter to measure voltage, current Resistance "br"

10 ammeter 0 ~ 5A measuring current "br"

11 ammeter 0 ~ 10A measuring high current "br"

12 clamp ammeter 0 ~ 20A measuring high current "br"

13 ammeter 500W ~ 2000W measuring power "br"

14 watt hour meter 10 ~ 20A measuring power consumption "br"

15 megohmmeter dc500 ~ 1000V measuring insulation resistance "br"

16 bridge Wheatstone bridge measuring motor winding resistance "br"the

17 halogen leak detector common check system leakage "br"

18 electronic leak detector check system leakage "br"


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