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PPG launched the "paints with purpose" publicity campaign

this global marketing campaign focuses on promoting a variety of special paint and coating products that help reduce pollution, improve the visible field of vision of autonomous vehicle, and even prevent dog paws from being scalded by hot sidewalks

Pittsburgh, May 29, 2019 - PPG (NYSE: PPG) recently announced the launch of the "paintswitch purpose" publicity campaign. The event will show a variety of special application fields of the new generation of paint and coating technology, including paint that can reduce the surface temperature of asphalt pavement in hot weather to protect sensitive paws of dogs, paint that can absorb sound or help reduce pollution, paint that helps improve the visible field of vision of autonomous vehicle, and colorants for normal construction coating in wet and cold weather

"when it comes to painting technology, people usually only pay attention to the beautification of residential space or make new houses look new." David BEM, vice president and chief technology officer of PPG science and Technology Department, said: "however, the value of the new generation of paint and coating technology is far more than these. The 'Tu Zhi Tu' activity comprehensively demonstrates the application scenarios of products in daily life from the perspectives of enhancing safety, improving comfort and simplifying construction forms, and perfectly explains how paint and coating products improve our overall quality of life."

in the coming months, PPG will promote this activity worldwide, focusing on such special application areas and their impact on people's daily life

"the interactive activity of 'Tu Zhitu' will introduce these special areas if they are not cleaned in time through exciting experiences, digital stories and other interesting forms." Bryan IAMS, vice president of corporate and government affairs of PPG, said. "We believe that you will be surprised to find that innovative paint and coating products can make life simpler, more convenient and more colorful."

you can find the keyword "paints with purpose" through PPG social networking platform to further understand the important impact of paint and coating products on daily life; Or log in to Facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn to search paintswithpurpose to participate in related topics. For more information about PG of P neoprene condom on the stump and the "Tu Zhi Tu" activity, please browse

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