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Summary of common disadvantages in PageMaker operation

Chinese characters are difficult to align. Friends who often use PageMaker must have encountered this situation: in the same paragraph of text, there are address:: zip code: and other contents that require up and down prefix and colon alignment. The same number of words with the same font size and font will not be aligned! One space is not enough, and two spaces are more. There is no way, so we have to adjust it by adjusting the spacing. It can be handled temporarily, but once the content is rotated, the old problem is committed again

it is always made by foreigners. When it is used to arrange Chinese characters, it is not so easy to use. Compared with this, Weisi and Feiteng do much better. (usually use ctrl+shift+m or T "in the development of food packaging materials, use AB key to do it. If you can't, disassemble it into multiple text blocks and align it manually)

the best function of PageMaker is not production, but its powerful typesetting and composition functions. For example, it is very convenient to use it to arrange more than 100 pages of books and periodicals, with pictures and texts, and randomly placed text blocks, that is, what you see is what you get. Operation steps: enter the main page (that is, the two pages with R and l written at the left end of the scroll bar below), type ctrl+shift+3 where you need to add page numbers, and then look in the body. What about? Each page number is automatically generated

don't be happy too early. Once you ask for a mosaic output (that is, two or four pages into one page), how can the page number not move? finished! Slowly add it manually page by page. (my experience is: it's best to add page numbers manually when making, so you don't have to be afraid when making up. Wait a minute, if the customer requires adding pages or deleting pages? Isn't the page number of each page not

no alignment, middle, upper right, lower right, etc.

put a picture, about one third of the size of the page, and it is required to place the page in the middle absolutely. If you use CorelDRAW, hey, ctrl+a, you can do it in 1 second, but now it's in PageMaker, What should I do? Lao Lao, let's find an experienced injection molding factory and calculate it: the size of the layout center minus the size of the picture, then divide by 2, and then pull a reference line out, and finally align. Less content is OK, but more pictures? Big head! (generally, draw a text block with the length flush with the layout center, place the picture in the text block, and then select the center. Although the problem has been solved, we still don't know it feels awkward, so it's not so easy)

the reference line can't be manually given the coordinate parameters

sometimes you need to draw a reference line at a punctuation point. It's very simple. With a mouse pull, the reference line comes out, and it's not OK to put it in the desired position. Alas, After a little, back a little, and more, and then forward, and after a long toss, finally aligned. But you should know that not every mouse is so easy to use. In case you encounter a mouse with poor sensitivity, (I don't know what Adobe thought when developing this software. I thought that this function is not important and don't do it, or I didn't think that not every friend uses Logitech mouse at all)

things made with table software are difficult to place in PageMaker pages, and you will always encounter tables when making drafts, Simply draw with a wireframe and manually move the text position. What about complicated forms? It doesn't matter. When installing PageMaker, it will be loaded into the adboe table of the machine along with pageamker, which is useful. It's not so easy to draw with it, but it's quite convenient

OK, draw it. How to put it in the PageMaker page? The problem comes out: the adobe table distributed in the same package with PageMaker can't be directly put into pageamker! Even when the output film is put in, it cannot pass normally! It's really unreasonable. There is no way but to convert it into EPS format graphics and put it into PageMaker again. Is there any change in the text in the form? Let's do it again. Are you tired

it is impossible to reduce or enlarge the content of the finished page in an equal proportion

make a thing with CorelDRAW or illustrator, and the graphics and texts are mixed. In the long-term development process of the enterprise, there are many graphics and texts in one page, and the texts are mostly picture descriptions or annotations. It can also be completed with PageMaker, and because the file is small, the operation is faster than the above two software. In case you need to reduce the proportion of all the contents of the layout to 90% of the original size, group them in CorelDRAW or illustrator, and then use the selected proportion to do it! In pageamker, also select the group, and then select the proportion. Wait a minute. There is no problem with all the pictures. How can the text not shrink, but the text box shrinks, and the text position is messy? There is no way to dissolve the content into groups, select the text blocks one by one, and adjust them slowly one by one

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