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PPG launched polyurethane coating for wind turbine blades

PPG launched a new polyurethane coating system with super weather resistance, high corrosion resistance, high toughness, light weight and low surface energy for the field of wind turbine blade protective coating. PPG industrial group has its own precise standards for every series and model of experimental machines. It is necessary to have more than 100 years of coating technology, combined with its technology in aviation and heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, in order to cooperate with and assist major complete machine enterprises and blade manufacturing enterprises to produce larger blades, The new polyurethane coating system launched is: aue50000 anti corrosion and green chemical and sustainability solution, special coating (finish) for weather resistant wind blades, and automatic stop of moving beam; Hsp7401 special coating (primer) for corrosion-resistant and weather resistant wind blades

this polyurethane coating system fully considers the harsh conditions and weight requirements of large blades during use. It has outstanding performance in terms of weather resistance, corrosion resistance, paint usage of the system and flexibility under low temperature, especially rain erosion resistance, which meets the highest technical requirements of international blade manufacturing enterprises at present. Moreover, this polyurethane system has the longest recoating interval. As long as the surface is free of pollutants, it can be repaired and recoated directly, which can also ensure the high quality of adhesion

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