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PPG participated in the 8th China Automotive corrosion and aging technology Vcap forum

PPG participated in the 8th China Automotive corrosion and aging technology Vcap forum

September 10, 2020

September 3-4, 2020, PPG industrial coatings auto parts business team participated in Guangzhou, hosted by the China Society of automotive engineering and the automotive corrosion and aging branch of the China Society of automotive engineering, Automotive Engineering Research of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. 4. The 8th China Automotive anti-corrosion and aging technology Vcap forum, organized by the oil return valve Institute

vcap forum is the largest and most authoritative academic exchange platform in the field of anti-corrosion and aging technology in China's automotive industry. PPG, as the vice president unit of the automotive anti-corrosion aging branch of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, set up a booth and shared the report paint

ppg industrial coatings - auto parts business team, Mr. Yang Ye, senior business manager of PPG auto parts, made an on-site report on the theme of "PPG development and innovation in the Chinese market and excellent product application" at the 8th China Automotive corrosion and aging technology Vcap forum

PPG in China is the technical specification for the construction of external wall external insulation of China

in China, for C (the practice of polystyrene board fiberglass cloth polymer mortar) dbj/t01 ⑶ 8 ⑵ 002hina

as a leading manufacturer of paints, coatings and special materials in the world, PPG has been adhering to innovation, color and sustainable development in the past 135 years, protecting and beautifying the world

in recent years, PPG's investment in China has increased continuously. The PPG global paint Innovation Center TEDA project is located in Tianjin, with an investment of 550million. It is the only global R & D center of PPG outside the United States. Located in Zhangjiagang, PPG application innovation center CAIC is a well-equipped high standard modern coating laboratory, which will be officially put into use in October 2020. PPG will place the world's highest level R & D center in China, not only to support the development of the global coating industry, but also to provide Chinese customers with better coating technology solutions and service experience

PPG auto parts

excellent full set of coating solution provider

PPG is committed to providing customers with reliable, comprehensive and innovative solutions. Pretreatment, electrophoretic paint and water-based paint products were introduced at this forum. Among them, the new generation of degreasing product ultraxtm lt8620, compared with traditional degreasing products, ultraxtm lt8620 has the advantages of low temperature, small amount of foam, single component system, low etching amount and strong applicability

POWERCRON ® 6200he is an electrophoretic paint product with excellent performance in the market at present. It has the advantages of no chromium, no lead, no dbto, low VOC, excellent sharp edge protection and cast iron protection, low temperature baking, high film thickness and so on. PPG water-based high-temperature finish is suitable for steel wheel hubs. When used together with electrophoretic paint, it can achieve the best protection. At the same time, it fully meets the requirements of GB 24409 national mandatory standard and GBT 38597 technical requirements for coatings with low volatile organic compound content

more than 130 automobile OEMs and related supporting enterprises participated in the forum, with more than 400 participants. Everyone listened attentively in the venue. Outside the venue was the booth area, which was convenient for post conference visits and free exchanges. PPG booth covered a variety of exhibits such as automotive shock absorber springs, wipers, automotive signs, etc., which attracted the attention of many participants on the scene

many people in related industries stopped to consult. PPG auto parts staff made a detailed and professional introduction to products with different characteristics. PPG provided satisfactory solutions to hot issues such as energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, PPG also learned through communication that insulation materials must be strictly inspected before leaving the factory and before use, recording more industry needs, which is crucial for the future direction of product research and development

product recommendation:

ultraxtm lt8620

a new generation of degreaser

low temperature and energy saving

low temperature foam is small and easy to control on site

single component system, avoiding cumbersome feeding process

low etching amount, suitable for processing various substrates

soaking and spraying process is acceptable

POWERCRON ® 6200he-cr693a/cp458a

high edge protective electrophoretic paint

chromium free, lead free, dbto free, low VOC

excellent sharp edge protection and cast iron protection ability

compared with traditional platform electrophoretic paint, the anti-corrosion ability is more prominent

low temperature baking

extensive film thickness coverage: 20 μ M to 40 μ m;

well known by OEM manufacturers

stable supply chain

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