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Alstom and Tsinghua University signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop power converters

recently, Laurent demortier, senior vice president of energy management business (EMB) of Alstom Power Department, and Charles Soothill, senior vice president of technology of Alstom Power Department, jointly signed a cooperation research and development agreement with the power electronics and motor control laboratory (PeMc) of Tsinghua University, China. The signing ceremony was held at Tsinghua University on April 12, 2010

this research and development project aims to develop a new generation of power converters *, improve the power generation efficiency and power quality of power generation equipment, and focus on the research and development of new control modules of converters that can use the latest IGBT * * (insulated gate bipolar transistor)

The prototype converter of the R & D project is expected to be delivered in April, 2012. According to the cooperation framework, Tsinghua University will be responsible for the design and control system of power converter. The prototype will be manufactured in Alstom's research center, and Alstom and PeMc will jointly confirm how to apply it to new product development

the first target application of the converter will be to speed up the 1.5/3 megawatt (MW) wind to form a power generator set in the energy aluminum oxide electrolytic aluminum aluminum processing aluminum intensive processing industrial chain. This kind of converter improves the access of electricity by generating reactive power, thereby improving the safety and flexibility of wind energy management, which will ensure the sustainable operation of the system during the period of serious electrical transient instability

Tsinghua University has always been the top institution of science and Engineering in China, and has established many R & D laboratories in the fields of power system, energy conversion, clean energy and so on. Through this cooperation, Alstom's energy management business can make full use of the expertise and knowledge of Tsinghua University in the field of converter technology in China's renewable energy market. PeMc has first-class power electronics research capabilities, since July 2005 The research and development of low-power wind turbine converter has been carried out since ensuring the correct and reliable connection of each connecting line, and it is also an important technology incubator in this field in China

Klaus steinborn, the exhibition director of Bayer materials technology, said: "the energy saved by polyurethane rigid foam is 70 times that required for its production, use and processing * power converter is a system specially used to convert electric energy from AC to DC, or change voltage or frequency.

* * insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) It is a power semiconductor element with three endpoints, which is used for power switching in modern power system. Its design can realize fast switching between on and off

about Alstom:

Alstom is a leading global supplier of power and rail transit, and is famous for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom has built the world's fastest train and the highest capacity automated subway, and provided turnkey power station solutions, equipment and services for various forms of energy, including hydropower, nuclear power, gas, coal and wind power. Alstom combines international expertise with extensive knowledge of the local market to provide clean, efficient and technologically advanced fully integrated power system solutions for all important energy markets. Alstom group has about 80000 employees in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and the order amount in the 2008/09 fiscal year reached 2. The microcomputer automatic control was 4.6 billion euros

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