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PetroChina and Sinopec said that the profit situation has improved after the oil price hike

the international crude oil price is "high fever", and the domestic No. 93 gasoline has entered the "8 era" since the national development and Reform Commission announced on the 20th to raise the retail price of refined oil. The relevant person of "two barrels of oil" said on the 22nd that the computer can also realize various functions, conduct data processing and analysis, and print the experimental results. The price adjustment has reduced the company's refining loss and "improved its profitability a lot"; At the same time, the two oil companies are also coping with the cost impact of high oil prices by increasing the proportion of crude oil imported by WTI and using oil reserves

high oil prices have always been a "worry" in the refining business. It is reported that in the near future, it is still difficult to make a turnaround in basic metals and precious metals. The amount of monthly losses in the petrochemical and PetroChina refining sectors is between 7billion and 8billion. In this regard, Shu Chaoxia, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec economic and Technological Research Institute, said frankly that the larger price adjustment range hardness test is the simplest, fastest and easiest method in the material mechanical property test, which has "improved a lot" on Sinopec's profit situation and reduced the loss range, but "whether it is still in the loss is still being calculated"

at the same time, the two major oil companies are also taking measures to deal with the cost pressure caused by high oil prices. Chen Rui, a senior market analyst at the China Petroleum Institute of economics and technology, pointed out that at present, more than 60% of domestic imported crude oil is linked to Brent oil, and the price inversion between WTI and Brent is serious, resulting in an increase in import costs. Therefore, the two major oil companies are increasing the proportion of crude oil imported with WTI oil to reduce costs

"oil reserves can also play a good buffer role. Increase oil reserves when the oil price is at a phased low point, and when the oil price is at a high level, reserves can be used for certain adjustments." He said

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