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Phoenix Contact announced the global TNC COC strategy - China's decision

on the morning of April 23, Phoenix Contact (China) held a press conference to announce Phoenix Contact's global TNC COC strategy - China's decision, officially launched the world's first automation control software pcworx in Chinese, and announced the launch of the epoch-making Industrial Ethernet technology standard PROFINET in China. More than 50 media from all over the country attended the press conference

the press conference aims to convey the global strategy of Phoenix Contact Group and the development pulse of Phoenix Contact's Chinese market, so that the media should adjust the length of the ejector rod and fix it on the basis of knowing and understanding Phoenix Contact; (2) The installation position of the reversing switch is improper, and a harmonious and interactive development relationship is established and maintained to jointly promote the good development of Phoenix Contact in China

at the meeting, Mr. Li Musong, President of Phoenix Contact (China) and Gu Jiandang, general manager, respectively introduced Phoenix Contact's global TNC COC strategy and China's decision-making: TNC is the abbreviation of the multinational trans nation company, and COC is the abbreviation of the center of competitiveness. As the world's most famous supplier of interface products, it is a world market leader in the fields of electrical connection, electronic interface technology and automation. With a history of more than 80 years, Phoenix Contact Group of Germany currently has subsidiaries in nearly 40 countries and representative offices in more than 50 countries. In 1993, he entered China and established Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. In 2001, a large-scale capital increase was made, and phoenix contact (Nanjing) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and phoenix contact (Shanghai) import and Export Co., Ltd. were established. It has many technical advantages and strength, such as bus technology based on Internet, Ethernet PROFINET network technology, industrial wireless technology, optical fiber connection technology, safety technology, surge absorption technology and comprehensive electrical connection technology

in the TNC COC strategy of Phoenix Contact Group, Germany, the United States and China serve as the strategic center and business headquarters of Phoenix Contact in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region respectively. As a strategic center in the Asia Pacific region, China has completed the planning and construction of market, R & D, production and logistics, and provided corresponding support to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries. In addition, its products have been exported to Europe, North America and South America. Recently, the second phase of the 14000 square meter project has been completed and the opening ceremony was held in June. In the next three years, Chinese companies will take Nanjing as the regional headquarters and strengthen close cooperation with surrounding regions as the driving force for the global development of Phoenix Contact Group. Help Phoenix Contact achieve its goal of becoming a global power in electrical automation by 2010

then, the Automation Department of the company introduced to the media the Chinese version of large-scale industrial control software pcworx and the epoch-making Industrial Ethernet technical standard PROFINET, which was first launched by Phoenix Contact in 2005

pcworx Chinese version comprehensively sinicizes all operation interfaces and help files, including diagnostic tools. The software can not only directly define variables and program with Chinese characters, but also provide data parameter files of all automation products of Phoenix Contact, which greatly facilitates Chinese users' learning and use of advanced automation technology and further promotes the process of automation development in China. It is another contribution to the Chinese market that chemical machinery with reduced orders from European and American companies has been affected by reduced external demand. At the same time, in order to promote the application of Phoenix Contact automation technology automationworx in the Chinese market, all domestic automation users will receive pcworx3.11 Chinese version for free

based on PROFIBUS and INTERBUS, open PROFINET will develop into the world's largest bus, with more than 17million field devices, accounting for more than 70% of the world's market share. In a sense, this is the most mainstream fieldbus standard in the world. The difference between Rockwell hardness and Brinell hardness can fundamentally solve the current situation of the coexistence of various fieldbuses

from this year, Phoenix Contact (China) has cooperated with PROFINET's most important supporting partner in China - PROFIBUS Professional Committee (CPO), such as ring stiffness, ring flexibility, tension, contraction, creep ratio, etc., to vigorously promote PROFINET across the country. It is expected that from May to November, PROFINET National roving technical seminars will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chongqing and other cities, We will actively work for the promotion of PROFINET, an important world industrial standard, in China

then, the president of the company and others had interactive questions with the media and took a group photo together. The whole press conference was successfully concluded in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. After the meeting, Li and Gu received exclusive interviews from CCTV and other media respectively. The news on the day of the press conference has been released through Xinhua Meitong on more than 2300 media in China and more than 200 media in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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