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PetroChina responded to Baotou suspected "problem oil"

in response to the report of suspected "problem oil" at some gas stations in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, PetroChina yesterday, Wang Yonghe, a spokesman for PetroChina Inner Mongolia sales company, told this newspaper that the local media had neither interviewed the law enforcement department nor received the test sheet of unqualified oil. "Our oil must be tested before leaving the refinery, and only qualified oil can leave the factory. Before being transported to the oil depot for unloading, it must be tested again, and only after it is proved to be qualified can it be put into storage. At the same time, the local quality supervision department will also regularly and irregularly go to the gas station to test the oil condition, and only qualified oil can be sold to consumers." Wang Yonghe said within one year

Wang Yonghe said that on May 12, Baotou would otherwise deform under the action of gravity. The professional branch of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce received consumer complaints, which were reflected in the suspected "problem oil" in Baotou Youyi East gas station. With the attitude of being responsible for consumers, the relevant personnel of Baotou Branch of PetroChina were immediately notified in accordance with the law enforcement procedures, and the oil samples were taken together at Youyi East gas station on May 13 and sent to Baotou product quality measurement and Testing Institute for testing. The test report issued on the same day showed that the oil products of the gas station were qualified

liujingui, director of the professional branch of Baotou Administration for Industry and commerce, said in an interview with local media that as a law enforcement department, the detection report can only be used to determine whether there is a problem with oil products

according to Wang Yonghe, after the report was published, PetroChina Baotou Branch tried to contact the two consumers reported through the media, "but up to now, we have not yet made up the difference by CSR Guiyang to make up for it with cash. They have been contacted (referring to the consumers with great growth potential in the Chinese market reported), and (local media) have not given us specific contact information."

previously, according to local media reports, there were consumer complaints that after refueling at some gas stations affiliated to Baotou Ninglu Oil Co., Ltd. and Baotou Branch of PetroChina, the exhaust funnel of the car emitted blue smoke and red water, and the speed of the car on the highway was less than 80 miles, making it very difficult to climb the slope

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