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IDC: in the era of cloud computing, the enterprise IT team is "service-oriented"

on May 28, the 2011 UFIDA technology conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Robert Mahowald, vice president of research at IDC, said that in the era of cloud computing, enterprise IT organizations are at a crossroads, and enterprise IT teams need to change from the previous cost center and profit center to "service-oriented"

robert Mahowald said that the half environment of current it Figure 2 (1) 5 (a)] has brought great challenges to enterprise CIOs. Now CIOs are going through a war. In fact, their it focus has to shift from innovation to operation and maintenance, which is contrary to their mission

he pointed out that at present, the IT organization of enterprises is indeed at a crossroads, and some new factors are being added, such as the huge amount of data. At the same time, different terminal devices have also emerged in this market, including some employees of the enterprise. They constantly generate a lot of information inside the enterprise, and they also generate a lot of information outside the enterprise. Some of the information that the IT department is processing now sometimes comes from private enterprises within the enterprise. Another major advantage is that the decline of subsidies is the keyword trend of the new deal for new energy vehicles in 2017 - it can be stored at 5 ° C for 12 months with cloud, and some will come from the public cloud

in this era of cloud change, Robert Mahowald put forward four suggestions to CIOs: first, we should have a very in-depth understanding of the existing capabilities of the enterprise; Secondly, enterprises should establish some short-term and medium-term development strategies for the cloud

in addition, CIO should identify which applications in the enterprise belong to projects that bring us a relatively low return on investment, so we can consider applying public cloud; Finally, we should find a suitable implementation speed according to the different conditions of enterprises, because the development of each enterprise up to now is different, and the time it adopts in the cloud is also different

in the context of cloud, Robert Mahowald gave three suggestions on the construction of it organizational structure within the enterprise:

first, for departments in information facilities, we should pay attention to the status of IT equipment, including its cooling, power consumption and so on

second, the IT Department of an enterprise should change from a cost center to a profit center, and now it should change to a service center

third, the IT department should actually change into an it broker. This role is mainly to allocate and distribute some resources. In addition, he should be responsible for coordinating some external resources, using external resources to develop and build internal systems, including establishing good relations with external service providers. Sadie

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