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Avaya:2016 top ten new trends in Corporate Communications

today, everything in the business world revolves around customers. Therefore, when making purchase decisions related to communication tools and technologies, enterprises must pay more attention to the actual application scenarios of customers

in 2016, the increasingly significant trend of Internet of things has made new technologies such as self-healing systems, cloud computing, video demand more and more intelligent. Avayactolaorentphilonenko discussed in his blog post how smart cities, government agencies and enterprises should support the growing demand for matrix networks, collect and analyze customer data from a wide range of ways, including mobile devices and wearable devices, in order to achieve a better user experience

let's take a look at the main communication development trends in 2016, which will show you the exciting future of enterprise communication:

1 More networks tend to be matrixed. With the continuous improvement of data volume and bandwidth utilization, the traditional network has reached its limit

2. The connectivity and flexibility of customer contact centers are becoming stronger and stronger. This means that the processing requested by customers is more efficient to synthesize degradable pur, which helps to improve satisfaction, reduce the multi site balanced allocation cost of customer incoming communication, and make the IT operation of enterprises simpler

3. Enterprise level webrtc is rapidly developing 155 aluminum plastic composite pressure pipes (lap welding). It will enable enterprises to get involved in the common virtual field faster without running separate applications

4. Vehicle communication will become a new hot spot in the development of customer contact center channels. In addition, sensors and telematics have also created great business opportunities for supporting sales of insurance companies, such as discounts for safe drivers, let alone various rich services

5. Wearable technology is further popularized to improve customer satisfaction. With the continuous development of headphones and communication technology, new wearable devices are going deep into special application fields to provide convenience for employees who need hands-free access to information and communication functions

6. The guest experience of stadiums and gymnasiums is becoming more and more connected and intelligent. Analyzing and sorting out the collected CES household data across different contact points helps to ensure site measurement, optimize user experience, and explore practical value

7. The government alliance will become the new normal. The application of text to 911 will first surge and then fall, because citizens will prefer to enjoy the immersive service of face-to-face 911 through their own broadband smart devices and videos and photos

8. In any case, messaging applications will never replace email. Although message application is fashionable and interesting for social use, it is still a newcomer in the written communication world, lacking organizational skills and growth space

9. Hybrid/private cloud is still the key enterprise application platform in the next five years. Customers need to be really familiar with, understand and master this infrastructure, including cloud applications, as well as the networks and desktop/mobile devices they serve

10. Support services increasingly rely on self-service and self-healing systems, and customer relations determine the differentiation of manufacturers. As leading manufacturers increasingly integrate self-healing capabilities and initiatives into their tools and systems, the value-added of support service contracts has become less obvious than before

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